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  1. Elvenswordsman

    Ongoing Journal (graphic content - Adults only)

    Welcome to my life. To start, I'd like to address the season - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I wish all the best to you and your kin in the next year. 2014 already, time sure has flown. I haven't had time to get my life together and I'm sitting here entering another year. This time last...
  2. starchild

    Journaling, Another Session with Betsy

    So here we go again. It's a new scene but the same scenario. The therapist assumes many things, but does not know what the heck is wrong with my brain. I just got back from my appointment at 2 pm. I drove myself in my new car about twenty minutes to the office. I went two hours early...
  3. S


    Hi there, I am a writer, and I also love to craft. I will be in and out of this site for sure. For anyone interested, I alter journals, notebooks, and hand make journals, and they can be seen at the following address: wwwdotsammis2shoesdotestydotcom I always have an abundance of...
  4. B

    Great new book to improve your travel writing ("Writing Away" by Lavinia Spalding)

    I'm preparing for a trip to Vietnam in a couple weeks with my boyfriend, and figured it would be a great opportunity to work on my travel writing, since how often do you get such great original material to work with? So I've been browsing travel magazines and such, and while I was in the...