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jeff degginger

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    the extinction of christians (Mature Content)

    Hey guys, here's a poem i just wrote, fresh off the press. I swear i get all my ideas when im doing laundry. the extinction of christians if you want to destroy the christians then take off your pants your backside flopped out in the breeze the old christian women gasp as you walk by if...
  2. J


    Hey guys For this poem I'm really considering the construction method here. The goal was to write things out of order, yet they still work in order, which is a very... ineffective way of doing things. I feel that its probably more of a gimmick that should be dropped so I can write the poem. The...
  3. J

    Back and Forth

    Back and Forth You: Don’t make this weird. Me: I don’t try to. You: I enjoy our friendship. Me: There’s nothing wrong with that. You: Then why are you bringing it up. Me: I didn’t think anything was weird about it. You: But that’s my point. Me: Then I don’t understand it. You: What I’m trying...
  4. J


    This is the first in a string of poems I'll likely be posting, that I wrote for a poetry writing workshop I was in this semester. I'm just looking for other opinions. Forbidden There was no snake there. I remember Just my scent upon the air, Luscious golden skin of mine And hands that...
  5. J


    Image Sit still, Sit still… It’s not going to be much longer now. What? Right now? I’m curving my thumb, encrusted with chipping yellow paint, around the curve of your delicate face. Be bored then. As I said, I’m almost finished. Now see, When you do things like that it just makes it...
  6. J


    Funesto The silver lining turns to ash. In my childhood I remember the bells around the neck of a cat and the window that separated me from it. And I wanted nothing more. Then when my soul had matured there was a girl. I remember the blue ribbon in her red hair the song in her voice and the...
  7. J

    Hello... Again

    Hey there, Writer's Forum goers. I previously made an account here under the name of Jeff Degginger, but for various reasons I had to make a different account. Anyways, glad to be back. I'll probably lurk around the Fiction boards most of the time.
  8. J


    Hey guys, I figured I would share my newest poem with you all. I wrote this when considering a fictional alternative to why the girl I was interested in wouldn't respond to my texts or anything. So here's what I came up with... yeah... funny how you can make a piece of writing out of just about...
  9. J

    The Four (Some Explicit Language) (811 Words)

    Hey guys, its been a while since I've shared anything (either here or the blog) so I decided I would throw you a rough-rough-rough draft of a story idea I got this week. I'll let it speak. The Four The Four met at dawn. It had been a while. Billy had been in a fight last week. The...
  10. J

    Liquid Bliss (potentially offensive language)

    Okay first off I want to say that this poem is something I never thought I would be posting ANYWHERE. I came back across it today and I'm just looking for some reactions. Trust me, this poem isn't beautiful, it wasn't written to be great or to adhere to the rules. So I'm sure that its mostly...
  11. J

    The Sound Of Death

    I find myself carrying water, Purified, In this hallway, Down the sloped ramp, Towards the door. I hear the infernal hissing, All around, And the car outside, The headlights switch off. All the lights go out, I continue walking, Towards the door. It never gets closer, No matter how much I...
  12. J


    I must apologize in advance, This poem is not my best, It could be my worst, But, I’m writing it anyway. It’s got clichés, It’s got melodrama, It’s got allegory, But, Its original anyway. It’s a rough draft, Written on a bar napkin, With a stripper’s red pen, But, It’s about love anyway...
  13. J


    Written while waiting on the dormitory basement floor waiting for a dryer to stop and playing a broken piano Or Heartbeat Listen, can you hear that silence? The sound of no one being around, Except you, And your heart beats. Hear, where the elevator gears are whirring, The dryers...
  14. J

    The Man in the Fog

    Hey guys, this is a short piece I wrote. I did this in a one shot and I was going for a mildly creepy metaphorical tale at the time. Anyways I've read it from time to time and just looking for anything really. Just what do you think? Anyways, enough bellyaching. The Man in the Fog I was...
  15. J

    Rubble (860 Words)

    Hey there mad cats, thanks for reading. Wrote this for a creative writing assignment early last year. It was written based on a headline of the Haiti Earthquake and I dusted it off today so I thought I would share it. Rubble All it took was one look at her old home to know that he was...