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  1. JC.Axe

    What do you think of Fan Fiction?

    I've noticed in recent years a rise in the number of people writing Fan Fiction in the amateur writing community. I've never really cared much for fan fiction, partly because I don't watch much TV and rarely watch films. I'd always thought that the very concept of writing fanfiction was a bit...
  2. JC.Axe

    X Faction Soldiers (Language; 22,000 words)

    I pace about anxiously, counting how many steps it takes to cross the width of the alleyway and back again, then folding that number over into how many times I’d made the crossing. So far, I’d taken 481 steps. This seemed like an unusual number of steps, considering it takes six paces to cross...
  3. JC.Axe


    I don’t know what I am, but I know that we are the same. We can sniff each other out. Now I know that you know that we are aware of what we are. We are different from the others. I don’t know why, and neither do you, none of us do. We are a rare breed, my friend. The world doesn't even know we...