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  1. Visualinotion

    Hello there

    Hello. I'll be honest with you: I'm not a succesful person. I never was. I worked harder than anyone else but I chose to be an artist and that in Spain sucks. And it's quite a paradox that I work this hard and I don't have a job. In fact, I never had one. I'm 30 and no one ever gave me a chance...
  2. MagicGirl33

    Hi! I'm New!

    Hi, everyone! I'm so happy to join this community and write stories among side all of you. I like to write fantasy and realistic fiction as well as inspired stories from my own life / past. I also own and live on a luxury horse stable so many of my stories are horse inspired or related. I do...
  3. R

    Introduction to a self help book I am writing

    To be effective, the author must record all improbable conclusions out of his observations. It is for the reader to accept or discard. More often than not, the reader would come to the author precisely for these inputs.
  4. D

    Late starter

    Hello everyone! Dante Wynter here! Well, that's my pen name any ways, my alter ego. I started writing when I was in the second grade, and yet, rarely considered it a viable profession. Probably because my family insisted I could never make it as a writer. My Senior English teacher...
  5. C

    Hello everyone! This is my introduction.

    Hello. I am 25 years old and working on my first novel. I have worked as a grant writer in the past. I have a problem with finishing projects I do for fun, and I am trying my best to not let that happen to my novel. I am hoping connecting with writers will keep me on the "write" path. (It...
  6. A

    Greetings, fellow- lovers of the written word.

    I read a lot, write fiction for adults and YA. I hope to have a healthy exchange of ideas:listening_headphone and ...a good time.O:)
  7. allhailchief

    Hey friends!

    I just stumbled upon this forum and after looking wandering around for a bit I feel that I have found a new home. My name is Jonathan Sheppard and I am a poet and writer. I am an English Major at UCLA but I am originally from Seattle, WA but I have called Los Angeles my home for the past seven...
  8. F

    Hi, I'm new.

    Hi, I'm new to the board. I'm never sure what to say in the introductions page but I'll try my best here. My name is Angie, I am 28 years old and from Pennsylvania. I've been writing since I was about six and hope to one day have my work published. Some of my favorite writers are Stephen King...
  9. M

    Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself

    I'm an old geezer. I'm somewhat civilized. I try to behave myself in public. I have some skills I'd like to share. I find myself somewhat disoriented by online culture. People seem to behave differently online than they do in public. I find myself currently residing in Texas, but please don't...
  10. M


    I'm Mike and I'm not Hawaiian. I don't even play one on television. I lived there for a few years and loved the bejesus out of the place. Especially this time of year. Me: chronologicaly mature gentleman with no believable writing credentials. Took up the art in 2009 to report on issues...
  11. T


    My name is Tal. I'm a 32 year old editor from Israel. I write in Hebrew and English. I've written a few short stories and published them in magazines and newspapers here in Israel, but am now more focused on poetry. I'm particularly interested in transgressive poetry, and am experimenting with...
  12. W

    Hello, World!

    I gather that the thing to do is introduce yourself to the community. So, uh, hello. I'm a guy and I write. Occasionally. Not much recently, but I've written things in the past and intend to continue writing things. This seemed like a good place to keep writing said things. As you might gather...
  13. N

    Hi, I'm Neon Demon!

    Hi guys! My name's actually Maddy if you're wondering, and I'm thirteen years old - but I'd like to be known as Neon Demon on here, thanks! I'm an aspiring musician and author, so this type of website is useful for me; I'm on a couple others, but they seem to be stagnant at the moment, I think...
  14. S

    Just another introduction !

    Hi guys, I am a young and enthusiast teen of 18. I was always fascinated about the power of words and the way they can be used to convey an idea. The skill of arranging words so as to please the reader is truly an art and I am earnest to master it. Though, I'm interested in reading literary...
  15. M

    Introduction of main character

    This is the same story as my previous post, “Serial Killer and a Cop.” The MC is an expert in catching serial killers and has become a recognisable face in the public eye. When a serial killer strikes in his home town, he is brought onto the case and must return to the town he left behind. He...
  16. Tonythetiger

    Fear of the Unknown, to Whom I Say Hello

    My name is Tonythetiger but I am neither a man nor quite as outgoing. I love to discuss myself and one of my biggest fears is that others will discover that I love to discuss myself. I joined this forum because I am a recent graduate entering the accounting world and I really don't want to...
  17. K


    My name here is Kyella and I'm 18 yrs old. I really enjoy poetry, both reading and writing, however I'm not overly good at writing. I'm hoping I'll be able to improve with some advice and help from people who are better than me, even though its a bit frightening showing my work to people outside...
  18. C

    Nice to meet ya'll.

    Hello, my name is Caleb Jacobo and I am a writer living in Southern California. I write Literary Fiction and I am active in two other online communities now. I am new to online forums, but in my short time with them, I have found them to be a wonderful platform for interacting with and helping...
  19. A


    The last forum for writers I tried was full of nothing but spam bots, so here goes: Not really much to say: I'm just a guy who's been writing his own stuff for a while now, and only recently gotten into self-publishing. I'm not the greatest writer in the world, but if you're having...
  20. T

    Hi, My Name Is Ossama Mostafa.

    All gone