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  1. dusk05

    It's duskin' time! (hi)

    "justice is an illusion" -some fire emblem character, apparently Hi, I'm dusk05. That's d-u-s-k-0-5, all lowercase. You can also call me D.U.S.K., but never 05. Please don't call me 05. It makes me feel like a football player. I do not play football. (I meant that...
  2. riverattheend

    Hello o/

    Hello, I'm riverattheend, a first year CS student. I've always been a computer (more like tech) nerd, fiddling around with programming and dev boards from a relatively young age, but recently, just before covid, I got into writing and poetry. After that it was jumps across many (like... about...
  3. astralagoon


    Hello, everybody! My name is astralagoon, but you all can call me Astra! I joined this because I want to have some advice and critique on my fantasy novel, especially its magic system. I also want to help others with their writing journeys, as well. --- Now, a little bit about me! Pronouns...
  4. H

    Hello there

    Hey all, nice meeting you. as a 32 year old male and a long history of reading, i want to start writing something on my own. Maybe you notice it in my choice of words but English is not my first language. As a reader i enjoyed books like Harry Potter, the Tolkien books (not only lotr and...
  5. Poison Maker


    my name is Lyubomir Gerganov, an amateur 2D/comic artist, and writer. My pseudonyms are "PoisonMaker" and "L. K. Greyburn". I wrote and drew since a child, but living as an artist in my country appeared to be very ungrateful. My biggest and proudest creation is my first book. It sure needs...
  6. dan_penrose

    Writing my first book-- didn't realize I would need people to talk to about it!

    I'm Dan! I've been writing songs a very long time, and poetry just about as long, but I really thought I was a musician first through all that. Was not until recently I realized that I get along with writers a lot more than the musicians. Very strange thing. I am here to learn and to share and...
  7. Davi Franco

    Hello, dear WritingForums.

    Hello, dear readers and writers. My name is Davi Franco, and I was born in Nova Lima, Brazil on December 19. Since I was a little boy, I have always been very interested in stories, reading children’s books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, How to Train your Dragon, by Cressida...
  8. Jacob Michael Peter Welch

    Hello Writing Forums

    In the year 2000, at the age of 12, I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 3. This genetic disorder is characterized by wasting of voluntary muscle, most noticeably in the extremities and core. In 2020, I began a newly approved treatment which has been clinically proven to halt the...
  9. JRBennett550

    Another New Guy

    These are always such a difficult thing for me to do. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, opinions, and experiences. However, I'm never any good at discussing myself or really know what to say. Either way, here goes. My name is J.R. Bennett. I am the owner of Paper Sun Publishing and author of a new...
  10. Hatedflame

    Hello, everyone..

    I was looking for a place to share my writing with more people, which is how I stumbled across this forum. I’m still figuring out how to use it (still a bit unsure of how to go about posting) but I’m eager to get the hang of it. I write primarily dark, gritty, shorter pieces. Some would call it...
  11. J

    Hey! I'm new here!

    Hi, everyone who reads this. I'm Josefina and I just created this account to meet new writing buddies and talk about the good and the bad things of writing and reading. Hope you feel like getting to know each other! I'll leave a question to anyone who wants to share about their experience. What...
  12. J

    New here

    So I didn't really come here to discuss much (Though I may continue to use this site because I like writing). I just wanted to know something for a school project I'm doing. I'm thirteen years old, and there's a school writing contest going on where we write stories or novels, and publish them...
  13. L.A.R.Frenchie

    Bonsoir !

    Bonsoir, I am a French woman who joined writingforums to "meet" new people with similar interests as me and to get feedback on my writing since English is not my first language and I am still learning. Hope you have a nice night ! L.A.R.
  14. W

    Here to beat overthinking, imposter syndrome and so much more

    Yes, I come here with a lot of baggage, mostly negative things that get heavier by the day. I come here to gain confidence and learn to speak my mind through my writing without concerning myself with what others will think about me, "Does this make sense?", "Do I overshare?", "Can I get the...
  15. RedsFables


    I hope your day finds you well. 😁 I am a mom, realtor, writer, and gardener, and hobby knitter... Hmm, I sound quite dry on screen... 🤔 Oh well. 🙄 I adore fantasy, especially high fantasy. I am a published webnovel author, but I want to challenge myself to grow more. I live and breathe being...
  16. Visualinotion

    Hello there

    Hello. I'll be honest with you: I'm not a succesful person. I never was. I worked harder than anyone else but I chose to be an artist and that in Spain sucks. And it's quite a paradox that I work this hard and I don't have a job. In fact, I never had one. I'm 30 and no one ever gave me a chance...
  17. MagicGirl33

    Hi! I'm New!

    Hi, everyone! I'm so happy to join this community and write stories among side all of you. I like to write fantasy and realistic fiction as well as inspired stories from my own life / past. I also own and live on a luxury horse stable so many of my stories are horse inspired or related. I do...
  18. R

    Introduction to a self help book I am writing

    To be effective, the author must record all improbable conclusions out of his observations. It is for the reader to accept or discard. More often than not, the reader would come to the author precisely for these inputs.
  19. D

    Late starter

    Hello everyone! Dante Wynter here! Well, that's my pen name any ways, my alter ego. I started writing when I was in the second grade, and yet, rarely considered it a viable profession. Probably because my family insisted I could never make it as a writer. My Senior English teacher...
  20. C

    Hello everyone! This is my introduction.

    Hello. I am 25 years old and working on my first novel. I have worked as a grant writer in the past. I have a problem with finishing projects I do for fun, and I am trying my best to not let that happen to my novel. I am hoping connecting with writers will keep me on the "write" path. (It...