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  1. Raleigh

    Ah, I was looking for this post :3

    Hi, newbie here. I'm not that good at introducing myself, but here I go. My username is from a character in a story I am working on. 'Raleigh' is a boy from a book series, from the second book that I am brainstorming on. The name 'Raleigh' is also a city in North Carolina, that I thought was...
  2. SamanthaMarie

    Please don't suck the life out of me...

    Hello all, I am 22 and in school right now working towards a degree in history, that being said I would like to state that it is sucking the creative juices out of me! I need to write about what I want to write about. Love and passion are what I like to focus on and are what flows through my...
  3. AuthorCC

    Ello ello!

    Hey! My name is Carlyn and I'm new to this site. I started writing about two years ago and now it's become my favorite thing to do. I read all the time. I really don't have a favorite genre of books. Anything that sucks me in, I'll read. I love everything that has to do with music. I have a very...
  4. K


    hi guys. kayode is my name .i am info-preneur from nigeria.i am excited joining you guys.i want to let you know i write articles for those interested. i am good at writing keywords rich articles.
  5. winniethepooh4102

    Hi, I’m glad to be here

    Hi, I’m glad to be here :smile: Hi, I’m glad to be here on this forum. I have a project for a book entitled "The thing in us". It is posted on my website pointed in my profile. Now I have to begin the fantasy part of my book Chapter16 Coming back from the future., SubChapter1 No way back...