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introducing myself

  1. A

    Uhm… Hello there?

    Hello everyone! I’m going to be completely honest, I know very little about writing communities or writing in general so I have little clue as to what exactly am I supposed to say in this but I’d like to avoid word vomiting my entire life story onto this post so I’ll try to be brief. (spoiler...
  2. hmjacobsen8

    Hello! I am a person who enjoys writing (I think).

    EDIT: Wow. Compared to other's intro posts, this was very long. Too long... Apologies in advance. 😬 Just kidding. Despite how often I avoid writing for fear of writing something terrible, the green flags are definitely all there: I at least think about wanting to sit down to write a...
  3. L

    Greetings from the UK!

    Hello, good people of the writing world! I'm completely new to all forums and this is first one I have chosen to register with. The main reason for me registering is to promote myself, but more importantly, my writing. I write stories, poetry and random descriptions inspired by day to day life...
  4. C

    Greetings to all

    I'm new to the writing world, well not exactly, I'm new to the literature world. Most of my professional life has been about writing, but business writing, mostly in the form of large (100-200 pages) proposals for the services of the company I was working for. I always thought it was strange...
  5. K

    hello and thank you.

    Fair warning toall involved I write the way I speak. Bad grammar, punctuation in odd places,lots of bold or italics, sarcasm abounds and yes I even get a potty mouth fromtime to time. My pen name, which I will be using here, is Kat but most of thetime I’m answering to mom. I have a beautiful...
  6. Italy

    Ladies and gents, the one and the only, Italy!

    Ciao! I'm Italy. Even though I don't live in Italy, I am 1/8 Italian, and therefore am worthy of such a display name. Shall we celebrate my arrival to WF with some wine and fine cheese? Anyways, alcoholic beverages and moldy dairy products put aside, I'm a pretty interesting person (if I do say...
  7. Prinkes


    Hello everyone. I'm Prinkes. I'm 20, graduating from community college this spring, and transferring to a four-year in the fall. I plan on double-majoring in theater and creative writing, possibly with a minor called "expressive arts therapy," a mix of psychology and arts. I'm joining this forum...
  8. P

    Hello to All,

    I am pamela. I am a writer - unpublished - writing is just about my favorite thing to do, especially during the long, cold, winter months up here in the sea of cornfields in Iowa. During the spring and summer, I am usually covered in dirt, gardening. I find it difficult to be inside on those...