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  1. P

    Interview With Me @ Centifictionist

    The Centifictionist did a short interview with me and it went online last night. See it at https://thecentifictionist.home.blog/2020/02/24/microinterview-pamelyn-casto/ In April they'll be publishing my microfiction, Blocked Sewage, and I think they have a fine idea to run writer interviews...
  2. W

    Guest Interview Plagiarism & Copyright Q&A with Jonathan Bailey

    Jonathan Bailey is a plagiarism and copyright expert and CEO of CopyByte. Following his own battle with plagiarism, Jonathan became passionate about fighting it. He started a blog - Plagiarism Today, which provides tools to combat all forms of content misuse online including plagiarism...
  3. Warmaster Horus

    An Interview With Mister P. Wadsforth

    Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a while, kinda lost passion for writing and trying to get it back but that's for another post. Anyway, here's a little short story I wrote some time ago and would appreciate some feedback...
  4. R


    I was searching for candidates to fill up middle level executive positions in my current company. An advertisement in a national daily was released and there was a deluge of CVs in response to the advertisement. Short listing the CVs was a huge task and somehow completed the job by short listing...
  5. TKent

    Guest Interview: Berndadette Geyer

    WF is excited to bring you an in-depth interview with American poet and freelance writer, Bernadette Geyer. Her full-length poetry collection, The Scabbard of Her Throat, was selected by Cornelius Eady as the 2013 Hilary Tham Capital Collection title, published by The Word Works in early 2013...
  6. patskywriter

    need a nonfiction writer for livestreaming show tonight (Sunday)

    Had a last-minute glitch (my guest can't make it), and I'm wondering if one of our exalted nonfiction writers would like to be a guest (tonight!) on TV Skywriter, my weekly interview show. The interview will be fun and relaxed and will last as long as it needs to. (I interviewed a visual artist...
  7. J Anfinson

    Interview with your MC

    I've seen this challenge on one forum or the other, I can't remember where but I liked it. It's a good way to get into your character's head. It goes like this: Come up with 5 interview questions. The next poster has to answer the questions as if their MC is the one being interviewed. Then they...
  8. TWErvin2

    Interview with Kindle Author

    Writing Forums Folks, If you have a minute or three, click on over and read the interview I did with Kindle Author about my novel Flank Hawk. Let me know what you think. Link: Interview: Terry W. Ervin II Terry