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  1. kowalskil

    A egal situation

    I am the author and the owner of a self-pubished book (the ISBN is assigned to me). That book is now being translated into another language. 1) Will I automatically become the owner of the translated version? 2) If not then what should I do to become the owner? 3) These questions have to...
  2. Scarlett_156

    Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet (Wired.com article)

    I thought this was really good information, so I thought I would put it here: Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet - Wired How-To Wiki For your edification and enjoyment. ~~ yours in Chaos, Scarlett
  3. Scarlett_156

    A very interesting article about plagiarism

    This is from the Guardian: Here is the rest of the article: Cooks Source: US copyright complaint sparks Twitter and Facebook storm | Media | guardian.co.uk There have been a few posts about plagiarism in the last couple of weeks.
  4. RonPrice

    My Tapestry of Internet Writing An 800 Word Statement

    There are now several hundred thousand readers engaged in parts of my internet tapestry, my literary product, my creation, my immense pile of words across the internet--and hundreds of people with whom I correspond on occasion and as infrequently as possible as a result. If I went...