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  1. T

    Sources of what you adapt

    I resisted calling this the idea thread because of the old joke. The one that writers refuse to say where they got theirs from and say they buy it from schenadecty (asimov). Various famous writers reply when asked annoyed where do you get your ideas. I don't believe I need to say what they...
  2. A

    Ways of writing: plotting vs inspiration

    Helloeverybody! Iwant to share my thought. Ioften think about two different ways of writing process you. I thinkyou've read about both enough like me, so we can parcel those book s ontwo categories: Writing on plan Writing on a whim Somebooks teach us to plan our stories, to do...
  3. Galen

    Skill, Inspiration, Motivation or Accident; Why do you write Non-Fiction?

    Why do you write Non-Fiction? While in my career, writing was just one part of my responsibilities. I wrote company newsletters, press releases, report summaries, website information pages, user manuals and more. But, as a prematurely retired person, I decided to finish one of my novels...
  4. Fowly

    Favorite Music while Writing

    I'm sure everyone has something they like to listen to while tapping at the keys. Personally, I have a variety of music that I listen to to get the ideas flowing. Sometimes I'll listen to some classical like Danse Macabre or newer sound vibrations like Big Black Delta's "Dreary Moon." I like...
  5. kbsmith

    Scopophilia *Mature Themes*

    Pointless letters Time and time again I waste my time on them Making better Hapless fodder From the wagon fell Into a place like hell Shrieking harder A myriad of people look eyes over words reading meaning Fondling and groping in pleasure of consensual erotic exchange...
  6. siliconpoetry

    How to gain Inspiration, making money and not caring about being popular

    Ok. So to start off, I am not a professional at this point nor am I schooled in writing except for college. On that note, I am also an introvert and this shows in my ability to stay afloat as a social butterfly. The reason I mention that is because it seems like my metric of facebook interaction...
  7. A

    MIdnight Courage

    ` I love the wee and trippy hours of an after-midnight when that glass slipper lays glistering aloof, in soft moonlight while weary dreamers poise inked quills to carve their thoughts onto pale parchment from a woozy head -- too early in the day to be about one's inescapable...
  8. E

    Using your dreams

    I was just wondering how often people use their dreams/nightmares as inspiration for fiction-writing. Whenever I've really enjoyed (and actually remembered) a dream I've written down the outline of it, but when I've done so I've more often than not realised that it just wouldn't work. There's...
  9. I

    new ideas for a fantasy novel?

    im really inspired to write a fantasy novel from books such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but whenever i get a good idea and get into working on expanding it, i never seem to like the idea enough to carry on with the book. i reallyneed a gripping idea or even just a small spark of...
  10. T

    A New, Young, Enthusiast

    Hello! Hastily written as I am quite tired and my bed seems extra warm today. I am of course like many an avid reader and also a writer when I can get the time and like with many things practice makes perfect. So, on that note, I have been setting up and posting regularly on my blog. All...
  11. Taknovrthewrld


    Hello, WF members. You can call me Calvin. I am 21 years old, currently studying business, and have wanted to be a writer since I was around ten years old. When I was that young I used to write stories on the computer about Mario and Luigi and have my mother edit them. I like to make rhyming...