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  1. JellyTrigger

    Bonds of Insanity (22 Words)

    Dear fellow readers, Just posting a short piece for critiquing, it seems a bit plain to me. :scratch: Please review! Sincerely, Christian Rodriguez The Newbie Writer "Bonds of Insanity" Her voice was as cold as rain. Screaming of immense pain. Weak from our rusting chain. I struggle to...
  2. michaelcthompson

    "Pandemonium" excerpt.

    DISCLAIMER: This excerpt contains minor adult language and themes that may be offensive to some readers. Please proceed with caution. The following is a short excerpt from a work in progress, a novel called "Pandemonium: The Place of All Demons." It's a dark comedy which makes fun of psychics...
  3. T

    Echoes Of A Shaded Room

    The waves of heat, a sick white heat, burn throughout my head the loops that play, loop every day, to death I quickly sped the drinks I’ve drunk, the thoughts I’ve thunk, I’d doubt it’s all alright and just in spite, with all my might, I’ll somehow sleep at night But when I woke, when someone...