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  1. Nate Gallon

    Righteous Parth

    Kind of lonely today; Praying for better mistakes than others I make. 'Thoughts to remember, They keep me insane. I'm discounting the days 'takes to wither 'way. 'Seems I'm s'posed to blame My self-doubting shame. The oars of this canoe go 'soon as they've come. Can you please help, sir; I...
  2. R

    Order and Chaos in Dubai and Delhi

    This was my third trip to India, and the place no longer makes the same impact on me as before. I vividly remember the impression Delhi made on my first visit – the shock of the noise, car chaos and endless number of people. Even on my second trip, the traffic experience as we drove the 5 hours...
  3. G

    Help needed in finding alternate ways of portraying this! Critique please!

    ... .........
  4. G

    Alternatives for this paragraph

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I hope I'm in the right place for what I want. I was a bit confused as to where to post this but then I decided to post it at the place where I can get advice, tips and tricks. Okay, so I'm writing a bunch of serious (non-fiction!) essays about the Indian...