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  1. Plaidman


    As a new writer, one of my biggest struggles is trying to figure out what to write about. Do your ideas just come to you? If so, how? Do you have to go hunt your idea down? If so, how?
  2. lumino

    Lacking Ideas

    It is evident to me that my skill with language is greater than my skill with thoughts, for though some may think that this is false, when having in my skill with words great confidence, I often cannot think of anything to write. And this, I think, may be because my knowledge of the world is...
  3. lumino

    Brainstorming and the Concept of a Paragraph

    I am having a hard time understanding the concept of a paragraph, specifically, the nature of the unity of a paragraph and the relatedness of ideas to one another in a paragraph, things which I seemed to grasp intuitively when I was younger. Reading through one of the books on writing I used...
  4. lumino

    Expressing Multiple Ideas in the Same Sentence

    Is it wrong to write a single sentence that moves through multiple ideas from one to the next, as long as the sentence is not difficult to read? If so, does one idea have to have a smooth logical connection to the next? If so, then wouldn't that mean that separate sentences also should not...
  5. Penless

    The first paragraph

    My first paragraph! Hi! I-i'm new to writing, so please pad your flaming pitchforks of criticism with plenty of NERF and bubble-wrap, o-ok? I've been trying to make it a habit of writing a page a day. (about 250 words). It's been about a week. And I think I'm making progress hurrah! But...
  6. E

    Using your dreams

    I was just wondering how often people use their dreams/nightmares as inspiration for fiction-writing. Whenever I've really enjoyed (and actually remembered) a dream I've written down the outline of it, but when I've done so I've more often than not realised that it just wouldn't work. There's...
  7. N

    Potential co-writers?

    I am looking for someone to write with me on a fantasy/action/adventure story about an assassin. Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss ideas for it.
  8. I

    new ideas for a fantasy novel?

    im really inspired to write a fantasy novel from books such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but whenever i get a good idea and get into working on expanding it, i never seem to like the idea enough to carry on with the book. i reallyneed a gripping idea or even just a small spark of...
  9. A

    Looking to Write Thrillers and Romances!

    Hi, Folks! Yes, yet another aspiring author here who believes he's got a fairly unique and unexplored angle on the most popular genre fiction of all time. :very_drunk: I'm hoping these forums will be inspirational. Specifically, I'm good with "tactics" but bad with "strategy," if you know...
  10. IndigoCypher

    Any Helpful Ideas?

    I'm thinking of writing a story about a kid in a steampunk, Victorian/post-apocalyptic world, if you know what I mean. Like a big nuclear war set the world back a couple hundred years. Anyway, the general plot concerns the kid, who is of royal descent, getting caught up in a vicious rebellion...
  11. B

    I've discovered that my story has no second quarter... Can anyone help?

    Throughout the outlining process, I've basically had the placeholder of "stuff happens" at this part of the book. Now that I need to find out what that stuff is, I'm having difficulty. I believe my story has a solid first quarter. Every main event has a definite purpose that guides the...
  12. B

    Writing Partners

    I'm an aspiring writer like many out there. I have trouble succeeding however, due to the fact that I am young, and lack of flowing ideas. I have many ideas written down for stories, plays and movies. The only thing that is necessary is for it to be written. I have a dream of becoming a...
  13. Sapphire-Rayne

    Between the characters and you?

    So I've had a small concern for myself in recent years, and will appreciate any advice or input you guys have to offer. ^^; I write fiction exclusively, and ever since I started story drafting at age 10 ( the age I started drawing comics), I've felt an immensely close connection to all of my...