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  1. L

    Need help with hero story ideas

    Hi, I'm doing a project where I have to create a story with the hero's journey structure. I'm planning on having a byronic hero. Right now I can't seem to think of any good story idea, except for the 'hero goes to find an object/treasure' - which is pretty cheesy. Can someone please help me...
  2. A

    Characters Transformations To Animal Tips or Suggestions

    Hi all, quick question here and not sure where exactly to ask this. Have got a story where two women turned into two woodland animals. Thing is, am not quite sure as to how to write it. Any thoughts or ideas?
  3. Plaidman


    As a new writer, one of my biggest struggles is trying to figure out what to write about. Do your ideas just come to you? If so, how? Do you have to go hunt your idea down? If so, how?
  4. LadyF

    I Sort Of Doodled My CV

    And I am happy! It's compact and effective!
  5. H

    Hiya, i'm new to this...And i have an idea! :D

    My Idea...The BioDogs In recant times in Japan is a factory that Design, Manafacture and Dispatch Robatronic Dogs world wide. It's like Terminator for Dogs haha. But the story is centred around one Robotic Dog - Natas, Whos training program failed and is shipped to the EU. (As He was too...
  6. L

    Which idea makes a better story?

    The point is I really want to write abook, in fact I've been attempting to do so for years. As of now I've been given inspiration to write (I'm a huge procrastinator) so I want to know which of these sound more interesting, here's a quick summary on all of them. Book One: Angels exist. All...
  7. D

    Advice on my story idea/summary?

    Dunno if this is the right place... hope so! If not, I'd appreciate if a mod could move it (: Anyway, I've been free writing a lil bit recently. I'm an artist but I also hope to be a novelist someday, so I want to start writing. I've never written a full story, but this shall be my first...
  8. C

    A Beating Heart Chapter 1 Part 1 of 2

    Part 2 is now below this post! Check it out! I scratched my last idea, so here is my new one. A boy wakes up to the city of Boston totally destructed. I am also going to add another main character. He is an extra-terrestrial coming to revive the world's people. So there is another part...