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  1. Y

    Beginning of Short Story- Need Quicker Pacing?

    This is a short story I started a few weeks ago. I'm planning for it to be about 10,000 words, and this is the very beginning. The next section jumps into the action and it escalates from there. Do you think it is too much of an exposition, or do you think it's too little for background...
  2. TheWriteStuff

    Trust Me, I'm an Idiot

    Hope everyone enjoys this story. General comments are welcome and I'd like to hear thoughts on how to tighten up the ending. The current end doesn't feel quite right. Enjoy! Trust Me, I'm an Idiot Most of my life I’ve been considered smart. Growing up I breezed through school, made it into a...
  3. T

    Ingenuity (first page)

    Sci-fi/humour thing I'm editing at the moment. It was a result of trying to put more detail into my writing, and went from "short story for school project" to my English teacher saying "short stories, Theo, short". - My legs burned as I ran faster to make the relative cover of the tree farm. I...
  4. W

    It's been so long since I've been here that I feel like a newbie.

    Hello my fellow writing forums type people! My name is Glen Michael Wilson. My user name is wordwaymike. Some people think that my user name should be "wordwayglen" and I suppose that it could be, if I wanted a user name that projected an image of my persona as being a sallow faced, anemic...
  5. Edward Picot

    Gilgamesh, part 7

    Continuing the puppet-animation based (loosely) on the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh travels to the Jewelled Garden at the end of the World, as the first part of his epic quest to rescue his friend Enkidu from the Island of the Dead. Part 7 of 10. On my site - Gilgamesh Part 7 On...
  6. B

    Minding the Heart

    Removed by author
  7. IndigoCypher

    Work in Progress

    So this is the first chapter of a book I'm working on about kids who commit grand larceny. Obviously there's more to the plot, but that's all you need to know for now. Chapter 1 New Kid in the Crew There was a knock at the door. All three pairs of eyes met mine as Wolf nodded and glided...
  8. R

    A Matter of Taste

    A Matter of Taste By Rubisco I groaned in annoyance as I held open the jewelry box and went down on one knee in front of Sarah. I hoped that the kneeling motion wouldn’t add a new crease in my expensive pants. I had already delicately rested my knee upon the pillow I had placed upon the...
  9. B

    Fantastic Beginning of Julia Flynn Prologue

    Hi, this is just the rough beginning. I'd love some feedback on it :) Thanks! Prologue Something happened the day the queen died. The earth shifted beneath our feet and the creatures were awakened from their slumber and they stirred. The world changed the day the queen died...
  10. F

    Hey, I'm writing an Onion-Esque Newsblog

    Hey! I actually haven't been on a forum before, but I came to seek some input on this new project I started. The writing style for the articles (all of which are totally fictional) is similar to that of The Onion. Here's a quick sample of the kind of stuff I've been doing: Freak Helium...
  11. P

    Strange Worlds (My silly poems)

    Hello and greetings to everyone! :) My name is Matt, I'm 30 years young, and I've been writing ever since I was a wee lad (ok, since around 12 years old or so. That counts! ;)). My favorite writers and influences, who all unfortunately happen to be deceased, are Jim Henson, Shel Silverstein...
  12. Stephanie Jones

    We are not a Mexican Restaurant - (Adult Language)

    "Why are you taking Tylenol Multisymptom Nighttime Formula at eight o'clock in the morning Stephanie?" "Well mother, I'm coughing, sneezing, have a runny nose and would rather not be awake right now, so I'd say it takes care of my multisymptoms." "Right." I grab my keys, offer a false toothy...
  13. J

    Liquid Bliss (potentially offensive language)

    Okay first off I want to say that this poem is something I never thought I would be posting ANYWHERE. I came back across it today and I'm just looking for some reactions. Trust me, this poem isn't beautiful, it wasn't written to be great or to adhere to the rules. So I'm sure that its mostly...
  14. B

    Clydesdale Rescue

    It was early winter in our first year at Comstock when we first began to suspect that something was amiss. While strange thumping and animal noises were commonplace in the rear of the first floor where Aaron and Thirsty bunked down, the quality and characteristics took a noticeable turn. In...
  15. C

    Recent MFA grad

    Recent MFA grad who is trying to write while finding work... It's tough as a writer and yet no matter how tough it gets, it's even harder convincing myself to give up~! Excited about joining the forum~ The Aging Dilemma
  16. G

    New Humor blog. Hillarious!

    I was looking through the humor blogs on wordpress and I came across this new writer. Cause for Celebration!!! Has anyone heard of him? He wrote pieces for McSweeney's.net! Does anyone know of any humor writers with a similar style so that I can follow them?
  17. C


    Sometimes I feel I am a coldblooded soul and ironically my user name suggests it. Exactly it is the reason why I joined-- to get infused with some warm blood through the association of my poetic brethren. Wish me some good luck and encourage. Promise I behave :!: