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  1. L

    A bit of fun

    This is one of a few poems I wrote - usually late at night at the height of insomnia - for a bit of fun. They do kind of resemble the stories I write. Enjoy - and remember I like feedback. Blunt Instrument It was the first ever tool that was known to humankind, The first heavy object, our...
  2. D

    The Adventures of Ethel and Enid: A Lucky Escape

    Here's one of my rare attempts at writing something family-friendly. (Ethel and Enid live in an old people's nursing home, but they're slightly deranged and think they're being held prisoner. There may be some references that don't translate well in the US. I'm not sure) A Lucky Escape. Dust...
  3. ehbowen

    Famous Last Words

    My mother, in a Mexican restaurant: "These don't have any seeds, so they shouldn't be that hot."
  4. Justin Attas

    Looking for Writers' Perspectives on my YouTube Channel

    Writing help and humor! Tell me what you think: http://bit.ly/roadsidewriter Hey everybody! So I run a writing help/humor YouTube channel... as my full time job (along with writing). Yeah, it's not much of a living yet. BUT! I do what I love everyday, so aren't I really rich? Ahem. I started...
  5. Mikeyboy_esq

    How to Write Good :)

    Sounds legit... :cool2:
  6. G

    A Story About a Story (NO E's)

    A/N: Written for a contest with the prompt, 'A story without any E's'. -------------- “This will only push my limits! I must do it.” John thinks. John's writing a story. A Story Without any A's. It looks daunting. Usually, his prompts consist of a romantic or a tragic affair. This task is...
  7. M

    Choosing a Genre

    Removed by OP.
  8. G

    A Night Before the Exam Day... (First attempt at teenage poetry)

    A Night Before the Exam Day... 12:00 AM: Book Dozen chapters in a single night, Can the hero complete this mission? He looks armed with courage and conviction. I hope he romances me all night! *** 2:00 AM: Coffee His eyelids want to kiss each other, But I am standing in their way. Don’t...
  9. R

    a poem called Synchronicity

    Synchronicity Two rows of teats Side by side Nestled in Reassuring hide The piglet strains, grunts For his dinner In the same manner That the sinner Grasps for, clings unto his bottle Or the nihilist the throttle Until Immovable Object Central is reached Naughty secrets remain unbreached...
  10. G

    Died because I didn't forward a post

    Listen to me folks, I’m here to tell you a message! DO NOT exit this poem, Or you’ll die in 13 seconds. I am that unfortunate soul, Who read a Facebook post! I should have forwarded it to 9 groups, But I was too adamant to do so. I was told to write my crush’s name, I wrote my...
  11. G

    The Subway Surfer

    Dodging past the train he goes, In pursuit of new mission, His sole aim in life, Is to grab more coins. Every day new challenges, New quests to unlock, A creepy boss behind him For him to stay active. Judicious he is, He sprints with all his might, Knowing the...
  12. G

    A Plagiarised Work that got Plagiarised!

    Online forums for writers had addicted this guy An average writer he was, but he wanted the limelight. Working hard was not his style, the quick way was to plagiarize, The risk of getting caught had haunted him for a while. 'Stop plagiarism!' was the perfect piece to plagiarize! Who in...
  13. Frankyette

    Jeffery is a Jerk (Some Adult Humor and Language)

    Jeffery is a Jerk by Hanna Trowbridge. Roughly 550 words Hey, guess what? School sucks. (By the way, this is my official submission to the Annual Captain Obvious Awards. I think they won’t mind that I posted it here.) I am writing this on my school-issued laptop, which is rife with...
  14. SerenataImmortale

    How do I take a grim/violent subject matter and make it humorous?

    I'm taking a break from my usual large novel projects to try a smaller, light writing project/personal writing experiment. Along the lines of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead," (although with a humor style closer to Orange is the New Black or Parks and Recreation,) I thought I'd take the...
  15. mw1406

    "Jovial Man's Choice of Shirt Causes Stir"

    Houston, TX—Arthure Wibbly-42, wore a shirt today that, unbeknownst to him, was the sole cause of a spike in reported area disturbances. "I've never wanted to fight anybody in my life... ever.." said Pastor Johnathan Albrete-68 from Houston. "but...when I saw that guy wearing THAT shirt... I...
  16. mw1406

    "Weary Man Is Baffled By The Length Of New Cell Phone Cord"

    Rochester, NY- William "Bill" O'Lading claims to be a trendy and tech-savvy suburbanite who frequently orders electronic gadgets online. We interviewed Bill at his home in Rochester and found him perplexed by an item he recently purchased. O'Lading stood with a confused look on his face as...
  17. mw1406

    My First Submission of Horatian Satire

    "Fast Food Cook Says Food Prep Gloves Are Protecting Him From Germs" Birmingham, Alabama - Cecile McDilbert, a 19 year old, part time cook at a local fast food restaurant, says he feels immune to food born pathogens while wearing cellophane food prepping gloves. "I not only wear them while...
  18. Taknovrthewrld

    My D&D Backstory - The Story of Grunk Garfunkle (I have no idea what possessed me...)

    "The Story of Grunk Garfunkle" Episode One: “An Ogre’s Episode” The evening sun was setting in the distance and behind it trailed the light of another golden day, but squatting high on a rusty mountain range in the Blarkard Desert was a village of sandstone huts where another fire was being...
  19. Awanita

    My confession. Addiction (suggestive adult theme)

    Where do I to start, I have kept this so quiet for so many years. The area of the country that I live in there are still many that are in the closet about this way of life style. I started at a fairly young age and over the years I kept it under control but later on no matter how hard I tried it...
  20. Edward Picot

    The Norty Boy

    A very short cautionary animation about what happens when you're norty, based on a picture-story done by my daughter Rachel when she was 5 or 6. To see it on YouTube, go to http://youtu.be/4AgTmpAu4EU; or to see it on Vimeo, go to https://vimeo.com/90351743 - Edward Picot http://edwardpicot.com...