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  1. D

    Countdown to Business Hours! (and a glimpse into my too-hard-to-believe life)

    So I did something I can't describe, but only because I had to, and I told myself that due to what happened, I would put my foot down as hard as possible. But then, I was weak and tired, and my dad was coming to visit me. I got a little strength back by the time he came, and we went out to the...
  2. Stevien

    Can I ask if this chapter have any impacts on you? Thanks. (Chapter 1)

    I deeply inhaled as I woke up from a weirdly strange dream. There was no air in that place, and it felt very tight. I was in my gym suit, taking a 1-kilometer run around Tucson, Arizona. I didn't realize that it was a dream at first cause it was quiet, cold, and peaceful. I was running around...