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  1. RosesPoetryOfficial

    Childhood Memories Part 1

    Glimpses of my childhood flash before me. Recollections of a nearly forgotten yesterday. Why is it that I only remember the disdainful words from your lips… the scowls and contempt from my peers. The anger of the world at my doorstep. Ripping through the threshold that was me. Taking for...
  2. J

    Regardless of what, it will surely be.

    The days have gone, the days have come, Renewed what was and will continue to be, Through stormy skies, and the breaking of sunrise, Only then, will the eyes then see. Despite the lingering days of shadow, Our hearts then yearn to be free, Through winter days where the heart relays, Of how much...
  3. G

    Feminist Thoughts (PG 13)

    When the pain is sharper than ever. The blood is darker than ever. When your our period is insufferable. I will be there. There for with you. *** The meaning of NO I understand. The definition of boundaries and limits. You, my dear are a companion. Not a diamond necklace to exhibit. ***...
  4. Elvenswordsman

    Your Will, Not Mine

    Tonight we danced, she could not see Above her head, my proclivity Intricately matched, unwittingly, To her masked voracity; Usurp, oh Lord, my importunity May our wills not fall in disunity.
  5. T


    Void life: shadowed pit Where rock bottom is the high. Stop digging and climb.
  6. fpak

    Flash fiction: The dying of the light

    The dying of the light It was midnight and we were on a boat in the middle of the Dubai creek when Tariq finally talked to me about it. “You know, I’m still not sure I’ve forgiven myself.” he said. The Dhow rocked gently and I could hear the lapping of the...
  7. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand (Part 6 of an adult journey)

    They both slept the whole day, Cyndi waking up to go to school. “Hey, Jen” Cyndi said walking across the living room in jean shorts and an airy cotton blouse. “There you are, again, really?” Jenny said. “Oh, shit!” Cyndi said putting her hand to her head, holding a white sweater. I...
  8. gokedik

    Year in Review

    I’ll be turning 41 next month. October 15, stone cold Libra. I review my life when a birthday is this close, not consciously but as a habit. I have a friend, and once mentor, that I’ve known for 20 years and one dear, once therapist, friend I’ve had for ten that is still #1 in my book. Two new...
  9. B

    Hope Vs. Torment

    Hope Vs. Torment A spark of truth it shocks to the core, The thoughts of the future charging that very spark, Brings hope to the field battling against the tormented zone, The hope prevails and tosses the torment to the dark depths where it came from.
  10. F

    The Meaning

    Staring at the painting he wonders if there is any meaning. The blackened canvas holds a single line of light that barely arches across the frame. Beginning around the middle of the frame the line creeps out from the black background to a brilliant white division in the darkness. Then it fades...
  11. A

    Crocus Buds

    ` crocus buds burst forth peep and poke through dunes of white winter bows to spring when the sun begins to shine again vital truths on wood-lined paths arise `
  12. The Blue Pencil

    Nightmare of the Future

    Broken memories cover these yellowed pages Tossed on this shipwreck of wants and lies Hollowed it out from what lived once And then I crushed this dream for what reality dictated Nothing seems as lovely as what could have been While the days of longing grow into nights And dreams of...
  13. A

    Breakfast Epiphany

    . Out of tea, sorry. .