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  1. Stormcat

    LGBT+ history of the Victorian Era

    Homosexuality has been observed in thousands of species on earth, Humans are but one of those said species. That being said, Humans are the only species on earth that records their history so future generations may learn about what was going on then. That being said, I need a bit of research...
  2. Stormcat

    Vive la révolution!

    So I have been working on my current project since I was seventeen years old (for context, as of this posit I turned 31 two days ago). And I always seem to hit a snag at this same point in the story: the climax. Basically, how I want it to pan out is that The forces of the Theocratic regime are...
  3. Stormcat

    Finances and history of Banking.

    Hoo boy, this is gonna be a tough order. So, The Bad guys in my story are holding up all the wealth in mysterious off-shore banking accounts, Untaxed and inaccessible to anyone with fewer than a billion dollars to spare. Think a couple of years ago when the Panama Papers were exposed. However...
  4. Justin Attas

    A Topic You Were Surprised to Enjoy

    When I was a ghostwriter, I was asked to write in many genres I hadn't before. That meant a buttload of research to make sure my clients didn't end up looking like amateurs. To be honest, this was really healthy for me as a writer. I learned so much about different techniques across genres I...
  5. Trollheart

    I Know What I Like: Trollheart's History of Progressive Rock

    For those who don't know, and for some reason didn't suss it out from the fact that I'm writing such a treatise, I'm a proghead, so the first part of the title above is very appropriate to me: I do know what I like, and I often tend not to venture too far past that. There are a lot of prog rock...
  6. M

    Children of Soil and Cement (Short Story)

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here for a while and I've missed this forum so I just wanted to share another one of my surreal short stories with you. I intended this one to be a kind of nod to Kafka. Thank you for reading :-) Children of Soil and Cement The reason I took on Ms. Beattie as a...
  7. M

    The Horror of War (Flash Fiction)

    Here is a little flash fiction piece I wrote. Thank you for clicking and reading! :-) It’s not that I am in a straight jacket in this place of eternal institution of the physical and the mental that bothers me. It’s the fact that the Lab Coats look at me sideways, like all the war boys sent...
  8. M

    Cherry Charles (Short Story)

    Hello guys! Thank you for clicking. This is a little 1940s set story of an incompetent boxer. Thanks for reading! Cherry Charles Cherry landed on the canvas, again. But his arms and red gloves still stuck up like he was ready to take the fight to the floor. The bell rang. Cherry shook his...
  9. WriterJohnB

    Promotional sale - ...and Remember that I Am a Man.

    I'm offering the kindle version of my novel, "...and Remember that I Am a Man." for $.99 on Amazon Books Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's the true story of Moses Grandy, a slave from the Great Dismal Swamp area, who narrated his experiences in 1843. It's fictional history and I've tried to...
  10. T

    Archaic names for branches of science

    I've searched the web for terms for the branches of science from a time where the sciences weren't considered different from magic. No luck though. Either I'm not looking in the right places or such terms never existed, at least not in the quaint-sounding form I'd like. For example, a...
  11. RonPrice

    Defining a life, a time, an age

    Part 1: Some of the following information was obtained in a bookshop in Kensington just before leaving London for Tel-Aviv Israel on 3 June 2000. That information resulted, with some additions, in a prose-poem. More than a dozen years later into my retirement from a 50 year...
  12. Frivle Dilby

    Remedy-first draft

    This is my first time posting this, and only one other person has read it. It needs a lot of work so any comments would be helpful. Right now I have been working on this for... Longer than I care to say. I am about 60,000 words in and I figure I'm a quarter to a third of the way through the...
  13. bazz cargo

    Science in fiction

    Does a writer have any obligation to get the science in fiction correct, or will anything go to support the story ? I suppose the same goes for history. Can anyone supply instances of bad science ? Or bad history. I will leave reporting my own examples till after a few others have placed theirs.
  14. C

    Whose time is it anyway?

    Old Abe Lincoln, King Hassan: Do friends and traitors get them right? I'm young but still can bring response to wills imposed with words and might, God took the King, the other shot dead. Progress slips through bloodied hands. Since their stories are not read, war still plagues unstudied lands.
  15. egriffith

    Ways to bring real history into historical fiction?

    Hello to everybody! I am brand new to this forum and I've been working on my first novel for less than a year, so I'm a major newby. But I am wrestling with something and I could use some different perspectives. I'm fairly certain that I am not the only writer who faces this problem: How do...
  16. RonPrice

    Thinking of Graham Greene

    SEARCH On January 13, 1962, The New York Times had a review of Graham Greene’s latest book In Search of a Character. The main character presented in the book, emphasized Charles Poore in his review, was none other than Graham Greene himself. I was just at the start of my life at the time...
  17. J

    Comrades Who Never Return

    This was written for an English project in my Senior year of High School. The task was to pick a historic event and write a 5 page historical fiction short story on that event. I picked the Winter War between Russia and Finland and the Invasion of Russia as my history. I hope you enjoy...