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  1. Rook the Lion

    Last Men

    Hello! This is my first story I've posted here, so here it goes. I am looking for critique, so if there is something you could provide, that would be amazing! Beyond my window, the reaper rolls in, the devil himself, with his dark, all-consuming arms outstretched, with the ferocity of demons...
  2. SueC

    Prologue to "Surviving Nathan" - A novel set in the Dust Bowl

    Prologue. The outskirts of Ada, Oklahoma – 1934 (word count 553) On hot summer nights, occasional gusts of wind whip the dry red soil of a seldom-used road into small eddies that are silent reminders of loss and despair. The area is sparsely populated with deserted farms and squatters’...
  3. M

    L.A's Gutter (Opening) (Language)

    Hi, this is my first ever attempt at a script because I wanted to have a break from just writing novels. So this is an opening to a story I have- yes there probably be quite a lot of mistakes but I would love to write a full script so feedback would be appreciated, thanks. :) L.A’s Gutter...
  4. Tyrannohotep

    Hatshepsut and Cleopatra VII

    Drawn on paper and colored in Photoshop Elements, this depicts the two most famous female monarchs from ancient Egyptian history. On the left is Hatshepsut, a native Egyptian Pharaoh, while on the right is the Ptolemaic Queen Cleopatra VII (she's the Cleopatra everyone knows from the movies). I...
  5. WriterJohnB

    Free Kindle novel - historical/slavery

    I'm giving away free kindle editions of my historical novel, "...and Remember that I Am a Man." on Sunday and Monday, Sept. 9 & 10. "...and Remember that I Am a Man.": John Bushore: Amazon.com: Books “…AND REMEMBER THAT I AM A MAN.” is the story of a man who fights his enslavement with...