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historical novel

  1. S

    Glad to be a part of WF!

    Hi all, Looking forward to learning more about WF and all its members! I am from Colorado and enjoy prose and poetry in all shapes and sizes. Working on a political novel set in Peru at the moment and can't wait to read and share! Hope 2011 has treated you well --and that 2012 is even...
  2. egriffith

    Portraying violence in a novel

    I have a question I'd like to present and get your opinions: How do you describe violence in a story that may appeal to a fairly wide audience? The extremes would be being so graphic that you turn off some of your readers, or being so vague that readers don't get a clear picture of what's...
  3. egriffith

    Ways to bring real history into historical fiction?

    Hello to everybody! I am brand new to this forum and I've been working on my first novel for less than a year, so I'm a major newby. But I am wrestling with something and I could use some different perspectives. I'm fairly certain that I am not the only writer who faces this problem: How do...