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historical fiction

  1. LCLee

    Deceitful Survival

    The setting is 1801 when women had few choices. Her journey begins when she's abandoned by her family, with no other option until she becomes a nun assigned to a mission in Haiti. She has to flee for her life to survive a revolution between the Vodun and French farmers. With a priest, René, she...
  2. hvysmker

    A Time For Love 1 of 3

    An Immortal can't seem to win his gal. Nerves on edge, face pressed to an oval porthole, I watch from a window seat of a Douglas DC-3 as the aircraft circles a small island in the Marianas. It's February in the year 1953, less than ten years after the war. Another war is raging in Korea but...
  3. M

    L.A's Gutter: First Chapter

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to have a look at my novel set 1948 Los Angeles. The story is about a struggling detective who finds is step father dead, along with two little girls. Wanting to find the reason for the deaths he finds himself put in a downward spiral of corrupt Hollywoodland...
  4. W

    Sea of Sickness

    This is a Christian allegory set in the 1920s that I have been working lately. Let me know what you think. Coastal California, 1922 Sea Of Sickness Chilled fog crept through the morning air, hovering over wooden docks. The steam was so thick that it blurred vision...
  5. akrathan

    Bones of Sparta (historical fiction novel in progress)

    First ten pages of my first novel, currently in progress. I'm at ~40,000 words right now. Set in 550 BC Sparta. Really appreciate some helpful advice from fellow writers. I'd like the first ten pages to grab you by the ... arm... and scream, "Represent me fabulously successful book agent!" or...
  6. W

    Does this plot have a chance?

    Now that I've finished my first novel, I've been working on another idea. But, before I start, I would like to run it past you guys to make sure that I don't bomb it like I did on my first short story lol Here it goes: The year is 1799 In the tiny European country of Nabion, an opressed...
  7. W


    This is a short story I'm working on currently. Its set in early 20th century Oklahoma during the first years of the oil industry, I've based it on the true story of how my hometown was started. How am I doing so far? September 8th, 1900 Southern Oklahoma The cannon roared, drawing...
  8. W

    Death Valley(1000 words)

    This is a historical fiction/ suspense novel that I have completed based in 1870s Central Africa. Here's the plot: The discovery of the nineteenth century is made when a Belgian expedition stumbles upon a canyon 2000 feet deep in the Congo jungle. However, the dream turns into a nightmare when...
  9. W

    Daughter of the Seas(8500 words)

    This is the 2nd draft of a short story that I've been working on set in 19th century New England, let me know what you think. (Please excuse the poor formatting, I'm just too tired right now to fix it manually) Prologue June 16th, 1896 Bellford, Maine The red schooner was tossed from side...
  10. S

    Glad to be a part of WF!

    Hi all, Looking forward to learning more about WF and all its members! I am from Colorado and enjoy prose and poetry in all shapes and sizes. Working on a political novel set in Peru at the moment and can't wait to read and share! Hope 2011 has treated you well --and that 2012 is even...