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high fantasy

  1. B

    Starting off...

    Hey all! I'm new here, and extremely excited to be a part of the community! So I've been writing bits and pieces of my own fantasy world and I'm really passionate about turning it into a fully-fledged novel one day. I've done lots of world building, I know what the world-ending conflict is, I...
  2. TheBlackbird2579

    Fallen lotus: The Legends of Xiao Xue

    Synopsis Aeons passed, In a primal realm. Great empires rose… And fell. Immortal beings of unimaginable power battled tirelessly for Dao supremacy. Plotting and scheming with underhanded ferocity. Leaving swathes of destruction in their transient wakes. They ruled these primordial lands, where...
  3. WasatchWind

    New to here

    Hello, Online I go by the moniker of WasatchWind, and am a writer of fantasy and science fiction. I've happened upon this site, and it seems more my wheelhouse than other writing sites I've frequented in the past. I know it is frowned upon, especially on an unfinished draft, to ask people to...
  4. Apex Predator

    "A Crisis in Tethyra" | Part II

    [This the second part of the first chapter of my fantasy adventure story. Likes are great, but comment critiques are much more welcomed. Hopefully you all enjoy it. Look for "A Crisis in Tethyra" (REVISION) if you'd like to read the first part.] While Gondwa and his three brothers’ bonded...
  5. SolaInk

    Blood Ascending (Chapter 1:Khuldaros!) (WC-1131)

    *Note: This is the opening chapter to a book I am in the process of editing. It is the first in a series of four, looking at five. I am open to and welcome any constructive criticisms. Thanks in advance! Taundar Poros, Hael He was khuldaro. In Krilar, the high language, it meant ‘one...
  6. Purple Inukshuk

    First look at First novel (Untitled High Fantasy Genre)

    The air was dangerously heavy on my chest, as I became dizzier and dizzier by the second... I felt like I had vertigo and had to rest up and set up camp... If I had the strength. There was no sign of life for a long while... The storm brought down the air pressure which is killing everything...
  7. T

    A brief excerpt from a dead novel

    A small excerpt from my first and abandoned high fantasy novel, The Company of Slag The ice chilled my breath. The cold spire, rising 40,000 feet, had looked menacing from below, yet at this height I could see all the way to The Serpent Sea. “Mount YYhargavik” was the tallest thing, and the...
  8. Glass Pencil

    Triumvirate: Story Pieces and Ideas

    I wrote this draft in 2006 over the course of several hours and haven't really done anything with it since then. The "chapters" become increasingly more contrite as the story goes on and it eventually devolves into a lot of sword fighting and one liners but I think it might have some merit if I...