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help wanted

  1. W

    Psychological horror/thriller (but not super horror-y) but feel good at the same time?

    Is this possible? I’m trying to write a story about a little girl who‘s trapped in a creepy place, filled with creepy people (so like a metaphor for the female life 😂, it’s fantasy though, the creepy peeps are more creepy creatures) and it’s kind of connected to the human mind, and also dreams...
  2. W

    Need a gathering place

    This is kinda about plot. It’s definitely necessary. I need a setting for my story, and I can’t really come up with one that works. I want it to be an enclosed space (like a building, in case you need help, idk) but very large where a lot of people can gather. Basically like a venue. Examples I...
  3. Rojack79

    Crafting an Apocalypse, Take 2. Also a jumping off point for two future book series!!

    So after two years of no real activity on here I've decided to come back with an old premise that's been retooled in order to work out some kinks as well as propose two new ideas for two future book series that I plan to work on and may even need some help with when things start taking off. So...
  4. P

    Can someone clue me up on beta readings?

    Hello, I understand the principles of beta readers, its like a critic right? Often people will donate their time to read and review writers stories and give constructive/ or not so feedback? but having never heard of them before the forum I have a number of questions? When can you...
  5. ktee

    When do you make the call to rewrite? What's been the tipping point for you?

    I have the narrative set down for the first few chapters of my book. But no matter how many times I edit or tweak the chapters themselves it's not working. The other chapters afterwards are fine, it's just the first few that feel wrong and muddy. There's a thread up similar to this but I want...
  6. L

    Well hey there, Sunshine

    Hi, my name is Lise. and I live in Canada. I started writing in college. I wrote the first draft of a novel for credits, back in the day when you could get credits for making yogurt. It was a long, rambling fantasy based on a dream about killing my father with a soul-sucking sword. (By the way...
  7. IndigoCypher

    Any Helpful Ideas?

    I'm thinking of writing a story about a kid in a steampunk, Victorian/post-apocalyptic world, if you know what I mean. Like a big nuclear war set the world back a couple hundred years. Anyway, the general plot concerns the kid, who is of royal descent, getting caught up in a vicious rebellion...
  8. J

    New Writer In Need of Advice

    Hello, fellow writers, I am Jacob Alexander Hinsvark (I go by Alex). I am seventeen years old (please do not disregard taking me seriously because of that) and an aspiring writer. I am currently working on several projects, and need some advice with a tricky one of them. First, however, I will...
  9. T


    Does anyone know any tips to be persuasive rather than some shouting mad-man with an opinion? I have a basic understanding; appeal to logic, appeal to emotion, appeal to authority/character. I think this question is a bit vague, but I just want some help with my persuasive writing. So I ask...