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help me

  1. T


    Greetings, I am TiberiusFemur as mu account username shows. Until further notice, I will not be giving my full name. I am a writer of fanfictions and am trying to write my own original stories. Particularly a book. I will attempt to engage with this site to help better my writing, but...
  2. Vindie

    «Air alert» is translated from another language

    Hi, I am an aspiring writer. I already have my own audience in my native language, and now I wanna try to translate my stories. Please tell me, how well does it read in English? This is a story about a relationship written by my girlfriend's dream. Air alert There was an important meeting that...
  3. W

    Need a gathering place

    This is kinda about plot. It’s definitely necessary. I need a setting for my story, and I can’t really come up with one that works. I want it to be an enclosed space (like a building, in case you need help, idk) but very large where a lot of people can gather. Basically like a venue. Examples I...
  4. Crying

    Writing a 'Cute' Character

    So my MC is a wounded soldier who hardly had any time in combat. He's not particularly strong, and his right leg is severely wounded, making it so that he can't walk without help. He also happens to be a 'cute' character (or he will be if I manage to write him in a bearable way), and I'm trying...