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  1. astralagoon


    Hello, everybody! My name is astralagoon, but you all can call me Astra! I joined this because I want to have some advice and critique on my fantasy novel, especially its magic system. I also want to help others with their writing journeys, as well. --- Now, a little bit about me! Pronouns...
  2. Poison Maker


    my name is Lyubomir Gerganov, an amateur 2D/comic artist, and writer. My pseudonyms are "PoisonMaker" and "L. K. Greyburn". I wrote and drew since a child, but living as an artist in my country appeared to be very ungrateful. My biggest and proudest creation is my first book. It sure needs...
  3. dan_penrose

    Writing my first book-- didn't realize I would need people to talk to about it!

    I'm Dan! I've been writing songs a very long time, and poetry just about as long, but I really thought I was a musician first through all that. Was not until recently I realized that I get along with writers a lot more than the musicians. Very strange thing. I am here to learn and to share and...
  4. C


    Hi. I'm Caitlin, I'm new here. I haven't figured everything out yet. I'm a writer, and I tend to overshare if I type too long, so I'll stop there.
  5. JohnnyTuturro

    Hi, I'm new here!

    I'm JohnnyTuturro, and I'm new here. I'm kinda disappointed in Wattpad, and I want to branch out, and this forum seems relatively active and it seems like this community will be good. I just signed up and they have a heck of a lot of customization options and freedom already and I've just...
  6. Vodyanik

    I'm here to fail.

    And maybe eventually succeed. But failure comes first. Howdy. I'm Vodyanik and honestly I've never been much of a writer. Instead, I've been a heavy reader. In all aspects of life, I've approached things from the outside, as an observer, watching, reading, understanding, but never putting...