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  1. T

    The Bastard Son (2972 words)

    This is a dream that I had not too long ago. It was actually pretty complex and lasted the entire night. The imagery and story of it was too good to not try and write about it. Lemme know what you think. I haven't written on here in quite some time. From the time I came into existence, I was...
  2. fpak

    A pale man

    This is a bit of surreal writing *** Sad demons bawl their bubbling pain out of the chemical fumes of hell. In the smoke grins the pale man, his teeth bared in laughter as the coals burn inside of him in nuclear reactor grind of stomach acid curdling into twinkling hot bubbles. The pale man...
  3. fpak

    Church of the subterranean light

    The cigarette stub's static of orange and black curdled into ash in the darkness of the room and my half closed eyes. It was another night spent wight-like in grey forms, haunting late hours untill the light imprisons us in our future forms. Ihsan and I were sitting in our unlit room around a...
  4. Apex Predator

    A Nightmare's Nursery Rhyme

    Linda Lott - only taunts and lies she’d spread, But then one day she died, And now she burns in Hell. Linda Lott - a nasty little girl. People laugh a lot today Mainly since she’s dead. Linda Lott - a spoiled little brat. She always hated what she had, Her parents loathed her well. Linda Lott...
  5. S

    The mortician

    I find myself in hell, the day passes by and I say to myself oh well. I'm in a quarantine infested with maggots and drunk wishes but I endlessly find the ambition to sit next to a mortician and find a way to listen. The pathway is a bit dark and with a flash light I look up the dictionary and...
  6. Black_Board

    Deliver Us of Evil

    I have a confession to make Father, she says, sitting in the booth where dark shadows obscure her face. The hooded man watches her expression through the mesh screen and waves a hand, beckoning for her to continue on. She tells him how she killed her own sister; how it was her fault she’s...