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  1. N

    Crimson Sky

    We loved the sunrises as long as they painted the sky crimson. Holding hands, eating ice creams, we sat there, looking beyond the horizon. We shared kisses in the rain, And you said I looked beautiful, How your quivering hands found solace in mine, And how my smile looked the prettiest. You...
  2. Articulate Lady

    The Stranger and His Guitar

    The following story is based on real life events from my life: Memories in my mind. A smokey filled room, bustling with chatter. Sitting with my Honey Jack Daniels, I strike up another cigarette on my pillowlips as the mysterious guitar player across the room starts playing “When a Man Loves a...
  3. J

    Let's Just Be Friends

    “Nothing will change but who I lay down with at night. You know how I feel about you.” He’d never be over me. He told me that. That I was inside his head and I’d never leave. It wasn’t my fault we couldn’t be together. It was the shit hand of fate that I’ve been dealt with since I was born...