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  1. Arcwood


    My heart fails to function through thoughts or note ~ My eyes fail me something, something I could not know. This is fate, yet I seal it, nothing new or untold, shall creap past my sanction, defiling the faith that keeps bellow. My heart fails to function through thoughts or note ~ my words...
  2. B

    Minding the Heart

    Removed by author
  3. R

    Heart of the Earth

    Hey, guys. This is my semi-new story and has been my main writing project for some time, and I'd really appreciate your opinion and criticisms. I'll update this with more chapters as soon as I write some more. Enjoy! HEART OF THE EARTH Chapter 1 The winds howled like banshees as they flew...
  4. Clayman


    Pieces, falling away. Black tinsel regatta taints the taste of day. My wish, a spoon in the beholder's eye... I remember believing in reasons to cry. Life, the puppet show hiding our unkept nails and calloused palms dissipates... I breathe in. Gray questions mark the checklists...
  5. C

    A Beating Heart Chapter 1 Part 1 of 2

    Part 2 is now below this post! Check it out! I scratched my last idea, so here is my new one. A boy wakes up to the city of Boston totally destructed. I am also going to add another main character. He is an extra-terrestrial coming to revive the world's people. So there is another part...
  6. Robert

    Struggling to Write

    I've been struggling to write exactly what I feel; the Muse works like that: She doesn't let me go until I struggle and wrench out my heart wringing the blood all over the page scratching the thick, red ink into words and phrases that truly mean something because of the struggle.