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  1. REBtexas

    What is OMAD?

    OMAD = One-Meal-A-Day. I am only bring this to your attention because contrary to how difficult it may seem at first glance, OMAD is the best diet I have ever tried. I am 73 and people looking at me would not say I was overweight. Just a little "pot belly" :lol: My wife had been experimenting...
  2. Edward Picot

    Dr Hairy and the QCQ, Part 3

    The third in a new series of puppet-animations about the life and misadventures of an ordinary (but rather hirsute) GP. Mrs Hattersley wants to reorganise Dr Hairy's surgery to make it more Feng Shui. When he refuses to allow her, she decides to report him to the QCQ. In the meantime, Grabber...
  3. Edward Picot

    Dr Hairy's Christmas Carol

    The Spirit of Christmas pays three visits to Dr Hairy, in an attempt to stop him being such a curmudgeon - with hilarious results! Episode 3 in the second series of puppet-animation videos about the adventures and misadventures of an ordinary (but rather hirsute) general practitioner. On...
  4. Freakconformist

    My Little Old Man

    Last winter in Wisconsin was cold and rainy with very little to no snow in my area. It was actually pretty warm since the really cold weather only lasted about a month and soon after Ground Hogs Day it got up into the 40's and stayed. One completely random day in April, I was late for class and...