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  1. Red-James

    StarCrossed Lovers (short)

    This was actually a dream i had a long time ago, i woke up and ran downstairs to my laptop and had to write it down. Star Crossed Lovers The evening was late, moments before twilight graced the heavens with its majestic display of brilliant hues and tones, which would harmonize with the sky...
  2. P

    The Lion

    He roams the house, a hungry lion stalking; moving slowly, and deliberately; waiting for an opening. We do our best to deaden our quickened hearts. We hide in the tall grass of fear, and make frozen masks of our...
  3. D

    Hiding Alone

    “The world does not need me For no-one shall heed me. All alone in a sea Of sameness quite dark My heart it does swell On my face leaves a mark On the slate that I hold Emotion written in bold I wipe it away And fake them all day.”
  4. I


    i love to write. always have. tell me what u think. heres an intro writing of mine... You want to hear a story? Well I will give you one. I won’t say names of course, that would just make it obvious, and the last thing I need being a teenager in a small school (that if you ask me…takes WAY...