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  1. R

    Happy For You (Christine)

    Rough (And I mean ROUGH) recording here at the link below. I was singing the song in my head while recording the guitar part which is rather untraditional and I left out one beat in one of the chorus measures and completely threw off the second chorus, but it sounds just like the first and...
  2. DouglasMB

    putting myself out there

    I do not know what thread this should be in, I do not know what type of poem it is... I just wrote it, I am not sure about style or this or that. I am really nevouse about posting it because it seems a lot of you are truely hard core lol but you know I'll never know if it is any good unless i...
  3. M

    I Want To Be:

    Wrote This For Fun :) I want to be: I want to be a Soldier but mum says im to brittle, I just know I can do good, I just have to grow a little I have my gun and Im ready to make her proud Mum tells me to shh and that im being far to loud I want to be a Policeman and hear my siren...