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  1. ahmetax

    haiku 54

    shivering sea waves dancing with light in delight-- twinkling grayish blue oynak dalgalar ışıkla dansediyor-- menevişlerle ahmet aksoy
  2. ahmetax

    haiku 50

    weather is too hot where are the songs of the spring? where are the flowers? havalar sıcak lakin gelmiyor bahar çiçekler nerde? ahmet aksoy
  3. ahmetax

    haiku 380

    it thinks deep a lot is it spring or summertime? -- that cumulus cloud kümülüs bulut dalgın düşünür durur -- bahar mı? yaz mı? ahmet aksoy
  4. ahmetax

    senryu 39

    in huge africa there's lots of starving people -- say, what about here? koca afrika yine aç insanlar var ya burda yok mu? ahmet aksoy
  5. ahmetax

    haiku 316

    it tells me something lonely bald headed pigeon -- iodine-less sea bir şey anlatır kel kafalı güvercin -- iyotsuz deniz ahmet aksoy
  6. ahmetax

    haiku 421

    there's no rain today clouds are waiting their turn - bugün yağmur yok bulutlar sıra bekler - ahmet aksoy
  7. ahmetax

    haiku 419

    it's another tale telling these cumulus clouds -- purple over white (white on violet) bir başka öykü kümülüs bulutları -- mor üstü beyaz ahmet aksoy I didn't know which one to prefer: purple over white or white on violet (in original line, it is "white on violet")
  8. ahmetax

    haiku 4

    grass green -- a butterfly flaps its wings a tornado starts çimen yeşili kanat çırpar kelebek başlar kasırga ahmet aksoy
  9. ahmetax

    My haiku with your permission...

    Hello friends, I am a new WritingForums member. English is not my native language. However I use it quite a lot. I have many haiku in my native language Turkish. Now, I am translating them into English. Since they are translations, there might be some syllable count problems. Please read them...
  10. Taknovrthewrld

    A haiku and a sijo...

    Lightning rips the sky neon purple crack followed by the sound of God. ------------ There are instances when the soul seems illegitimate Childhood fades away and adult life has no room for magic Among jaded crowds there are hints of life that disagree
  11. R

    Traditional Haiku

    Bees seeking Nectar Red Admirals fluttering Weekends to relax
  12. Clet

    Haiku about Haiku

    Haiku, Awareness, Expressed in clarity, Very simple. I hope you liked it, it was my first ever Haiku! :positive:
  13. R

    My Haiku(s)

    Hi, I'm new on this place but I do write a lot! So here goes my Haiku's they might fail though so be gentle :P ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Black Night The moon is missing The night is black without it The stars are gone too ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ King of the Sky Sun high in the sky Looking like a mighty king...
  14. R

    haiku (3-set)

    in leafy shadows the rambling river flows pebbles race in place morning mist creeps wide dew glides off on leafy fronds sunrise meets the day cheek to cheek they race raindrops across window panes clouds linger then part