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  1. September


  2. Friendship


  3. Flow


  4. Yesterday


  5. Stream


  6. Oblivious


  7. Towering


    in towering shade I hide myself, escaping from the truth of me (c) Neetu Malik Image: Courtesy Pixabay
  8. View


    your sky no different than mine, just another view (c) Neetu Malik
  9. When


    when the rain ceases I will look for the rainbow in your clouded heart (c) Neetu Malik.
  10. Cold


    remind me the words of our song before it froze in our hearts
  11. Stone


  12. Twilight


    shimmering water dusk embraces waning light surrenders to night (c) Neetu Malik
  13. Nuggets


    Let the poems speak for themselves. I choose to express myself in as few words as possible.
  14. K

    New Haiku

    Lonely Shepard's sheep What dark secrets must you keep? At night do you weep?
  15. sigmadog

    Did someone say "Haiku"?

    Lungs rasp potent air, windows shut tight, no escape. Dog plays innocent.
  16. A

    Exploraform: Haiku

    I’m a little late this time because of a few medical issues. Those are mostly sorted. Haiku The haiku is a Japanese form. The term haiku derives from hokku which is the opening verse of a traditional collaborative form renga and its later derivative form renku. The hokku became a...
  17. T


    Void life: shadowed pit Where rock bottom is the high. Stop digging and climb.
  18. ahmetax

    haiku 52

    a cool soft wind blows waves are in endless motion-- shivering sun rays esiyor rüzgar dalgalar kıpır kıpır-- oynaşır güneş ahmet aksoy
  19. ahmetax

    haiku 54

    shivering sea waves dancing with light in delight-- twinkling grayish blue oynak dalgalar ışıkla dansediyor-- menevişlerle ahmet aksoy
  20. ahmetax

    haiku 50

    weather is too hot where are the songs of the spring? where are the flowers? havalar sıcak lakin gelmiyor bahar çiçekler nerde? ahmet aksoy