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  1. Mermaid

    I Am Auron. (611 words)

    This is a short that I am writing for a back story to a RP I am in. Would love to have a constructive critique. Grammar is my weak spot so if you see and grammar stuff please point it out for me? Thank you for the reviews! He could feel the scorching sensation of fire ravage his veins. Unable...
  2. Mermaid

    Except From A Chapter In My Manuscript. Slightly Graphic So Beware. 600+ Words.

    Something small I wrote for backstory. Just a small excerpt, a serious critique would be helpful, just don't chew my head off! hehe. Roberto sat by himself. With his his knees to his chest, a protective apron, used in lab research, covering him like a blanket. Roberto stared emptily across the...
  3. egriffith

    Portraying violence in a novel

    I have a question I'd like to present and get your opinions: How do you describe violence in a story that may appeal to a fairly wide audience? The extremes would be being so graphic that you turn off some of your readers, or being so vague that readers don't get a clear picture of what's...