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  1. D

    The Night's Embrace

  2. F

    Changeling *Working Title*: Draft in progress (20893 words)

    For anyone who can't read the attachment, here's the rest of the text. Part One Caterpillar “—Upon the last skin shed, the sufficiently plump caterpillar finds a suitable location to pupate. From here, the insect spins itself into a...
  3. MichaelSTMears

    The Prince of Carno Dair - Chapter One

    Please leave feedback. I hope you enjoy. Mike. The Prince of Carno Dair Chapter One. Death Lights. Faolan Tane pulled on his boots and checked (for the third time) the sword that was strapped around his waist. In the cold evening shadows of his room, he had lit an oil lamp on...
  4. WriterJohnB

    Free Kindle short story anthology

    A Navy Seal is marooned on a tropical island and falls for a beautiful, half-naked native girl. But why are her teeth filed? Why did monkeys howl in a Virginia tidal swamp? A local newspaperman asks that question of a Ukrainian witch and he's sorry he ever asked. I've put together a...
  5. J

    The Tower at Sea

    Well, I was bored and listening to an instrumental version of Ghost Love Score by Nightwish, and this is what sprang forth from my keyboard. Give it a read, but I may not write any more of this. Still, I feel that I at least made an honest attempted at replicating the Gothic style of literature...
  6. T

    Two Drops Of Red

    All you’ll ever see is my shadow. All you’ll feel of me is a cold breeze. All you’ll hear of me is a whisper in the night. The barest scent of death is in the air. By the time you know I’m there, I’m gone. The only signs that I was ever there… A growing darkness, A spreading cold, And two drops...
  7. 32rosie

    The White Rose

    Although thick on the ground, snow continued to fall. But slowly, like graceful white ladies, careful not to land the wrong way in fear of embarrassing themselves. Dariane wrapped the soft, wool scarf around her neck a third time, and slipped a pair of mittens over her milky white...