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  1. LadyF

    Enamored Gods

    This is the beginning of the first part of a sequel I am working on. It's a fairy tale for adults, featuring Roman and Greek Deities. If you want to read the whole story - pm me. Enamored Gods On the planet of Alpha Gem there are 8 divine Kingdoms, their coasts are splashed by the Great...
  2. M

    In the Hangman's Noose - Sins of the Father

    Setting: a pseudo, pre-Victorian era WC: 2000 Recap: After the murder of his mother, and the arrest of the guilty party - his father - the young Killian Todd must now await the life of an orphan as his father is made to atone for his crimes...in the hangman's noose. Hey, it's been a while, but...
  3. G


    Part ONE: Goddess In The beginning there were two: 'Haruh' the star god. Lord of power and destruction, creator of energy and fire. And 'Ashun'. The life keeper, creator of emotion and beauty. These two were everything and all; Husband and Lover. Father and Mother. Haruh was addicted to the...