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  1. D

    Into the Night

  2. Scr1pter

    All and None

    I am all of that, yet I am none I’ve seen your prospective and all others I’ve added in sum subtracted found common factors heard all of the songs sung took parallel pieces seen aunts uncles nieces the old and the young studied stories, read history and from which they come from I’ve...
  3. N

    Theism and Atheism

    Theists and Atheists.Theists and atheists, I will say that again. Don't feel attacked. Not yet. I am yet to unfold some mysterious revelations now and who knows you might want to change sides? Let's start with establishing what your stance is right now. Are you an atheist? Yes or No only. I am...
  4. M

    Parable for a Prophet, Part 2 (Short Story)

    Thank you to everyone who read the first part of the short story. This is the second part. You don't necessarily need to have read the first part to gain a full understanding of the story as most of it as down to interpretation anyway. Thank you for reading! Part II Ben was pleased there...
  5. M

    Parable for a Prophet (Short Story)

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I have posted. This is the longest short story I have ever written, clocking in at just over 6,000 words. But before you click the back button, don't worry you won't have to suffer by reading it all at once. I have split it up into 'parts'. This is the first...
  6. Elvenswordsman

    Your Will, Not Mine

    Tonight we danced, she could not see Above her head, my proclivity Intricately matched, unwittingly, To her masked voracity; Usurp, oh Lord, my importunity May our wills not fall in disunity.
  7. G

    A Religious Satirist ..

    I have written few films recently, I’m now committing a suicide I’m messing with the ‘R’ word, Oh God, bless me! Six major religions I plan to focus on: Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon and sigma. Beta guys hate the delta ones, Epsilon members loathe Alpha. Gamma is against Sigma...
  8. G

    A Godly Affair

    It is my third short story. I am really looking forward for positive criticism. Thanks in advance to everyone who comments on it. 1 "Repay your debt in a week or shut down your dispensary." Mr. Mehta ordered. "Please sir, give me some more time. Do you think I am a fraud?" Dr. Lal replied...
  9. kowalskil

    Our two worlds, spiritual and material

    OUR TWO WORLDS, SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL Sections 2 and 3 have been added to "Futile Confrontations" at: http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/theo/atheist.html Comments will be appreciated, Thank you in advance,
  10. C

    A Letter to a Friend

    *****, I wanted to write you a personal message. I, obviously have been responding to several of your posts lately, and I wanted to give you a little more insight into why. As you can see by my photos. I am very much in love with nature. I have spent many hours, by myself, deep in the...
  11. W

    The Suicide-cliff

    THE SUICIDE-CLIFF Do it now! "I was in affliction so I went here. I was talking to my self about happiness." "I dared the devil and I just didn't care. Suddenly, there was a sudden flash of a silver light." "It was like a serendipity, an answer came out from nowhere. Maybe I...
  12. yfewsy

    God Hates Us All

    So I was sitting in church and was reciting the "Profession of Faith" and came upon an interesting line in this prayer. "...We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father..." As I read this line I realized the word "only" in it. but as mentioned in...