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  1. W

    "Choice" - Short Story

    Best read out loud with a quiet, broken voice. Choice is evaluated by cost and benefit. Circumstance affects this evaluation. Consequence takes care of the rest. Under this system, there is neither right nor wrong. I am running on autopilot. Alarm goes off. Turn it off. Get up...
  2. CandyRot

    I had the urge to write today. Just a little something. HOnesty please!

    I often wonder what it would be like to have a dream. A goal. Something to hold on to. Something to think about incessantly. A career. Something other than making sandwiches all day. I live in an attic efficiency apartment. It gets damp and humid during rainy days, and too hot and humid during...
  3. A

    Nice Stories

    Hello, Have just started to follow my passion for writing short stories and have succeeded in writing few of them. But need to have feedback on same so that can improve it further to write many more. Request you to please visit the link The Disappearing Act and provide me with your precious...
  4. Lil' Miss

    Girl in the Mirror

    I found this slightly confusing poem in a journal of mine. What do you think? Girl in the Mirror Who is the girl in the mirror I see? Is that truly you, me? Or is me, me And you, just you? Do I exist as you are none? You and me Me and you One is all, And all is one.