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  1. Haint Blues

    Haint Blues

    The ghosts of this poem are unwritten, they hang out on front porches on warm Southern nights, float around every corner. Pop up in the middle of a sentence uttered by a stranger at a convenience store while you’re buying jerky. They ruin your favorite tv shows, pull on your ears while...
  2. LunarFuror

    [No title] - a flash fiction

    Just an idea rolling around in my head for now. Oft these demons rob me of sleep... "How long will you continue to haunt me?" Sesh whispered "How long will you rob me of my sleep, haunting my every memory and waking hour? How long until you set me free of these shackles, forged of memories in...
  3. shadowchaser

    A new experiment (Language)

    This is a new experiment that I'm working on right now; it's a way to cope with things that are going on in my life. Some of what follows is true, and some of it is fiction. Please tell me what you think, how I can improve it, etc. Thank you! The gun was heavy in her hand...
  4. Lunar_Elf

    A Girl and her Ghosts

    This is something I recently started working on, and I just wanted to put this first part up just to see what kind of feedback I get from it. I don't have much more of it written up so if by some chance a few of you enjoy this, awesome, but don't be expecting updates anytime soon. XD Prologue...