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  1. Travalgar

    Warmest greetings!

    Hi, all. New here. Recently, I've rediscovered my love for the writing hobby. I intend to keep this flame burning for as long as I can (preferably for life), so I decided to join communities of the like-mindeds to help me motivate myself to complete my goals. Frankly, as long as I have enough...
  2. D

    Cross genres

    Does anyone have an idea on how to cross genres in a story?
  3. MJCaan

    Should we write with a "rating" in mind?

    Should books have ratings like movies? I know they have categories, but I've read some YA books that would be rated R if they were a movie. THe current novel I'm writing is definitely not for children, but that doesn't meant they would not enjoy it (as long as they were mature enough to...
  4. W

    Does my book even fit into a genre?

    I've spent two years on my debut novel, finishing at age 18. Its coming along very nicely as I'm getting close ot the 2nd draft. But, I have a problem. The book, Death Valley, is a unique tale that I'm afraid might be TOO unique to market. Here's the plot: An American missionary in 1870s...
  5. theorphan


    So sorry for any typos, i am on my tablet without my keyboard. i was wondering what everyone's opinion on a writer writing in multiple genres. I went to a conference over the summer and they said theyhighly recommend not writing in mutliple genres because ithurts your writing. So what is your...
  6. C

    Publishing Resouces?

    I'm not sure where to even start with regards to trying to sell my first book? Does one need to be represented? Or get published, then shop for representation? Anyone? Or is there a big book of publishers like writers digest? that will list all of them by genre for me? Sorry, I'm serious but...