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gay romance

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    The Unravelling (Extreme violent and sex)

    "Hey Bryan! I gotta go." said Chris as he walked away clutching his backpack. "Later, dude." I replied as I watched him rode away on his bike. Chris and I were both high school juniors. He had been my best friend since 3rd grade. We knew each others secrets. But not this one. No one can...
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    if you let go for a moment and slipped down between the ropes bracing your shoulder frayed by ceaseless tension never released yes if you slipped down between those ropes deep down into that fizzing centre previously only accessible to smug enlightened souls (when they talk you can only smirk...
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    first few paragraphs of gay romance (mild swearing) (discussion of sensitive topics)

    Atheist character (Gwen) does not reflect views of author, blah blah blah. Also, I should insert warnings for me trying to be funny, because I'm not. At all. - Gwen just needed money – and damn if that weren’t a line from every porno ever – and she knew enough about books to handle this...