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  1. IndigoCypher


    This is the first chapter of my first book about a futuristic naval captain who goes rogue to stop an alien conspiracy. CHAPTER 1: Solus V “Union battlecruiser Atlantis on standby.” Jamal Sweens spoke slowly into the microphone on his wrist. He was my second in command, and my best friend while...
  2. P

    Banned magic

    In a world where magic is illegal and very few magic users remain, and corruption reigns supreme one man has the guts to protest, one man tries to preserve his native american heritage through magic, and many men use this political situation for their own financial and personal gain. My purpose...
  3. J

    ~~~ Second Story By Me. ~~~

    It's called Twist. It's going to be medium-short, just enough so that it's plausible. I know that this will be criticized upon- I welcome it! Please feel free to voice your opinions. :D But for now... It begins. More story parts later. --------- Day 1- Emptiness Why am I here? This...