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  1. M

    The Wait at Sandy Station Motel

    Today I sit on a rock next to what is left of Sandy Station Motel. These days the desert is hotter, as heaven and hell have chosen to relocate, hiding behind the sandy breeze, that conceals the letter between A and B in the spaces between the hills and me. Nowadays, everyone stays home...
  2. R


    I was searching for candidates to fill up middle level executive positions in my current company. An advertisement in a national daily was released and there was a deluge of CVs in response to the advertisement. Short listing the CVs was a huge task and somehow completed the job by short listing...
  3. H

    Zynthos Chapters 4-6 Revised (13,450 word count) PG13

    This is a continuation of a book found here Feedback that would be nice: -What you think of the story -Character dialogue -Questions about plot points -Confusing paragraphs Again thank you for taking time to read this! Chapters 7-9 will be posted tomorrow.
  4. H

    Zynthos Chapters 1-3 Revised (11,341 word count) PG13

    So I haven't posted anything in 2 years but I remembered I had chapters 1-5 on this site and am now a lot farther. I would like some feedback on what I have. I'll be posting in 3 chapter blocks so that I don't monopolize the forum. The changes in these first few chapters may be minor compared to...
  5. froman

    The Historian

    They came, they saw, they shrugged. They built and built. They had us. There was once a time when an external glimmer held power; the power to ignite an internal conflagration. Those days are gone, and the conflagration that surrounds us, barely heats the smoking coals behind our eyes. But...
  6. W

    The deceit of the future

    I was late in submitting to the Februray challenge, but since I already had written this little piece, I figured I will just post it here. Why look to the future? A future that forbids the relish of existence; with a mirage of achieved dreams, and illusions of delayed bliss. Why to think...
  7. A

    The Crow

    . Cawed. .
  8. yarn

    Post Apocolyptic novel first chaper draft

    Post Apocalyptic novel first chaper draft Here's the draft of a first chapter I'm writing on a novel. Could do with some constructive criticism Draft 1 The silhouette of the domes rose eerily against the darkened skies. Rishan could not remember a day in his life when...