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  1. thefloridapoet

    NEEDED ASAP Poems for Dr's & Nurses Week Mayo Clinic Jax, FL

    Calling all Poets and writers! Submit your poems and/or uplifting, cheerful, inspirational message to the staff at Mayo clinic and Hospital in Jacksonville, FL this week through until May 12th for Poem-in-your pocket and National Nurses Week.... Nurses poem themed, Florence Nightingale...
  2. K

    Funny overdone logic in writing

    Sometimes, some people can be overly logically precise when writing. I came up with these examples for your enjoyment. They are overdone examples of using too much logical precision. I hope you find them funny (imagine a person or animal arguing about it): "I paid what was the price." instead...
  3. N

    The Underwear Apocalypse

    I am actually laughing even before I have started writing this. How on Earth did I land upon such a name: The Underwear Apocalypse? It's actually a pretty funny story. Yeah, so I and my roommate were sitting and talking about how the clothing of women has revolutionized with generations. We...
  4. Mikeyboy_esq

    How to Write Good :)

    Sounds legit... :cool2:
  5. LadyF

    The Writing of "Life after Matrimony"

    I decided to write a story a day for my blog. This very story tormented me so much, that I had to present it in such manner, or throw it entirely away. It is about two humans, who believed they would live happily ever after. Their names: Charlie and Lilian. No surname. No background. Just...
  6. J

    adventures of cannon (2500

    Adventures of cannon Earth’s natural resources had long been used up. These days Earth’s people had to rely on other planet’s resources to maintain life on this over populated planet. The rich and powerful, farmed planets for their resources, and Colonies were set up on planets with similar...
  7. mw1406

    "Jovial Man's Choice of Shirt Causes Stir"

    Houston, TX—Arthure Wibbly-42, wore a shirt today that, unbeknownst to him, was the sole cause of a spike in reported area disturbances. "I've never wanted to fight anybody in my life... ever.." said Pastor Johnathan Albrete-68 from Houston. "but...when I saw that guy wearing THAT shirt... I...
  8. E

    The Really Bad Pirate (Children's short story opening)

    This is just the first 400 words of a story I've been meaning to write for a while. Hopefully you guys will be able to give me some constructive criticism :) Here goes: Aboard the pirate ship was chaos. Captain "Bloodthirsty" Booth was sick from head-butting too many landlubbers, and the...
  9. Edward Picot

    The Norty Boy

    A very short cautionary animation about what happens when you're norty, based on a picture-story done by my daughter Rachel when she was 5 or 6. To see it on YouTube, go to http://youtu.be/4AgTmpAu4EU; or to see it on Vimeo, go to https://vimeo.com/90351743 - Edward Picot http://edwardpicot.com...
  10. S

    The Roommate! (Screenshots of script)

    Tell me if the writing is too small on the pictures! If it is, download the PDF! :grin: Ok, so this is what I got so far. Again, there can only have 2 people, but I'm going to try for 3. If I can't get 3, I'll simply have it so the robber#2 and Derek are the same actor, since they are never on...
  11. mblank

    The Cliff Diving Dilemma - 300 word flash fiction

    Hi everyone. I'm new to writing forums and this is the first story I'm posting. I appreciate any comments or thoughts! The Cliff Diving Dilemma Pretty Pete stood staring over the precipice, his mouth drying as he gazed at the sparkling water sixty feet below. He...
  12. Revekka

    Bad analogies

    After seeing a post on Facebook of bad analogies written by high school students, I decided to come up with a few of my own. - The last breath escaped her like air from a balloon. (Taken from my comedy poem "How to Write a Loss Poem") - Dogs' ears are so soft like fluffy pink cotton candy. -...
  13. A

    Traditional, odd & funny alternatives to firewood: suggest me one!

    Isn't there much firewoodin your country or in any of the world spots you have visited? Whatare traditional, odd & funny alternatives to it? I am preparing a bookabout how different world nations traditionally substituted firewoodfor any odd local alternatives in case of its shortage or...
  14. Edward Picot

    The Problem of Health Care

    At last! A layman's guide to the UK Government's healthcare reforms, explaining them in terms so simple they might have been written by a complete idiot, and charting the development of health care from the good old days to the present and beyond - with hilarious results! In fabulous...
  15. Revekka

    The Book's Rant

    The Book’s Rant I am lonely, and collecting dust Flip me open, you must! No body wants me anymore Because they scurried out the door I’m obsolete! I’ve taken defeat Why can’t you just take some time And read me! Why don’t you want to read? Is it too boring? Easy, pick up another book! How...
  16. Pongy

    Joey and Joey

    Joey Tempest to Joey Ramone: -Dude, you need a haircut. -Talk for yourself, you look like a bum. -Come on, I’ve had this look since 1984, -I can tell. It’s just so outdated. -Oh yeah? Well, you look like a freaking freak. -That’s because I’m dead. -Na-ah, you’re not, I would’ve heard about it...
  17. F

    Hey, I'm writing an Onion-Esque Newsblog

    Hey! I actually haven't been on a forum before, but I came to seek some input on this new project I started. The writing style for the articles (all of which are totally fictional) is similar to that of The Onion. Here's a quick sample of the kind of stuff I've been doing: Freak Helium...
  18. J

    A scene from a story that I might write.

    Hello! I'm actually trying to get organized and write a story. This is just a rough draft of a scene from a book series I might write someday. The story itself is going to be a mix of action/heist/romance/comedy with a little bit of suspense...yeah I know, too much hahaha. It's going to be about...
  19. P

    Strange Worlds (My silly poems)

    Hello and greetings to everyone! :) My name is Matt, I'm 30 years young, and I've been writing ever since I was a wee lad (ok, since around 12 years old or so. That counts! ;)). My favorite writers and influences, who all unfortunately happen to be deceased, are Jim Henson, Shel Silverstein...
  20. J

    Teetotal No More (Adult Language)

    I’ll come out, but on two conditions. A smirk covers Lizi’s face as she entertains the request. Go on. I have a budget of £15 and I need to leave at 11:30pm. Ok? These ‘demands’ may seem odd to the rest of the world, but in my organised and controlled OCD head, they are perfectly fine...