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funny writing

  1. F

    Hey, I'm writing an Onion-Esque Newsblog

    Hey! I actually haven't been on a forum before, but I came to seek some input on this new project I started. The writing style for the articles (all of which are totally fictional) is similar to that of The Onion. Here's a quick sample of the kind of stuff I've been doing: Freak Helium...
  2. Stephanie Jones

    Adventures in Whoreland (not sexual)( Language Warning)

    I can’t lie; a large part of me wants to be a reckless, carefree whore. I know how to protect myself and make sure I don’t get pregnant or catch some form of the clap or whatever, but essentially I kind of want to be a whore for a while, try it out, see if it fits. I was eating lunch yesterday...
  3. M

    Epistolary project -

    Hi folks, Recently I started a fun epistolary writing project (i.e. a story told through exchanged letters) and would love to get some feedback, regarding not only my writing but the format in general. Instead of clogging up the forum with a bunch of excerpts, I'll just give you the link...