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  1. Yes! I'm the Asshole!

    Yes! I'm the Asshole!

    NOTE: This story is true, but I have changed the names for no compelling reason whatsoever. "I was mad at you for fifteen years," said Joan. Tom, who was sitting next to me at the wedding reception, shrugged with open hands held out to the side in a "Who? Me?" gesture. Tom's wife, Kate, had a...
  2. Anachronomicorn

    Aspiring writer in need of tips

    Hi everybody! I'm a 29-year-old Michigander in desperate need of a creative outlet, so I decided to give writing a try. I am going to start off with short stories, and hope to work my way up to a full-length fantasy novel that's brimming with philosophical exploration, comedy, and good ol'...
  3. B

    In need of camaraderie and motivation

    Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to attend an arts school for two years as a Creative Writing major - without a doubt the best years of my life so far (I'm only 20, though. Hopefully more are on the way...) Due to a number of financial/personal reasons, I haven't been able to start college...
  4. U


    hope is lost but these tears won't fall not when goodbye means forever & this pain is too much not when sorry can't be said because it can't be anything but over words can't be spoken & lies can't be told this friendship ran much to deep too sudenly just break. pride is overated but the words...