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  1. C

    Am New To This Forum

    Hello Everyone, My name is Victor am new into writing I reside in Nigeria and am most grateful to be part of this family. I joined this forum to learn the skills of a good writer an hopefully I know I will become one some day.
  2. S

    Will content writing for sites like textbroker help?

    Sorry if this has ever been asked before. I've always heard that it helps to have some sort of "writing resume" when it comes time to try and find agents and publishers for your novel. I've always been confused about what exactly this means..."writing resume". I write novels, not short...
  3. R

    Freelance Writing Sites For Free no Fee?

    whats up. who knows of some freelance writing websites where you can apply to writing jobs for free? Like elance, guru, odesk, getacoder, but you can apply for as many writing jobs as you want for no fee? thanks guys cya laterz.
  4. AncientCWS

    Greetings and much joy!

    Hello everyone, I'm Cory. I was a run-of-the-mill screw up from ages eighteen to twenty one. Now I'm twenty three and still paying for a lot of mistakes. I've always had an urge to write, and I believe I do write fairly well. A lot of my writing is inspired by: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, E.A...