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  1. S

    Something strange

    Something strange I'd just like to say I don't really know why I'm writing this but I will continue only because I feel the need to write something.* My life has been filled with ups and downs just like anyone else's. There is nothing that stands out and nothing special. I'm a normal guy with...
  2. J

    the extinction of christians (Mature Content)

    Hey guys, here's a poem i just wrote, fresh off the press. I swear i get all my ideas when im doing laundry. the extinction of christians if you want to destroy the christians then take off your pants your backside flopped out in the breeze the old christian women gasp as you walk by if...
  3. A

    autumn leaves

    ` There is a quiet pride and joy in being an autumn leaf -- they get to change their hues then off they go in flight to form a beautiful landscape and help fertilise tomorrow's trees then once again come autumn time unfurl their wings unto the breeze...
  4. W

    The Suicide-cliff

    THE SUICIDE-CLIFF Do it now! "I was in affliction so I went here. I was talking to my self about happiness." "I dared the devil and I just didn't care. Suddenly, there was a sudden flash of a silver light." "It was like a serendipity, an answer came out from nowhere. Maybe I...