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  1. S

    Free Poetry

    Are there any hard-and-fast rules about writing free poetry. I am in the learning curve. Thank you!
  2. R

    Free award winning urban fantasy

    For several rather personal and, to me, valid reasons I decided to offer my bibliography completely free of charge on my author website. Just go to the download page and enjoy.!
  3. JellyTrigger

    Other Me - 44 Words

    It's been a while since I posted, I haven't written much in a long time. I've just recently become a national emergency medical technician so things have been busy. Regardless, I wanted to share a piece with you all. Sincerely, Christian Rodriguez The Newbie Writer "Other Me" Those longing...
  4. KellInkston

    "Paper" free on Smashwords and Amazon

    Good day, I thought I'd greet you all with a free short story I put together in the past month or two. Please enjoy! Alternatively you can find it on for 100% 0% money needing:
  5. DouglasMB

    putting myself out there

    I do not know what thread this should be in, I do not know what type of poem it is... I just wrote it, I am not sure about style or this or that. I am really nevouse about posting it because it seems a lot of you are truely hard core lol but you know I'll never know if it is any good unless i...