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free verse

  1. ThaneImpala

    Community Surgery (Potentially Offensive, Non-Expletive Language)

    Posting for any critique :) : Echo your fellow's normative norms, Their words bereft of scope or form. For their ghosts masticate, They chew on chewing gum. Their ghosts fulfilled with their sparkless eyes, Like plugs unplugged: Can we be at home with ghosts? They're verbs, They're nouns...
  2. Annie. Marie


    All energy speaks from the same tongue Individual thought shapes individual reality. Hostility stems from the ego. Questions of who is right. Neglecting that the answer may be Anyone. Chanting recognizes Praying recognizes Mediating. All emanation of related vibrations. Full hearted belief...
  3. Annie. Marie

    Security Blanket

    Your memory warms me on the coldest of days It slides around my thighs to travel across my chest An embracing trace it knows oh so well I use it as my picnic blanket allowing it to be the only thing comfortable enough to come between the grass and I It covers me under the moon protecting me...
  4. Annie. Marie

    Wishful Teachings

    I long to learn the dance of the dandelion; To grow outwards as the sun hits me so To grant wishes through breaths and once blown away to grow through new opportunities wherever my pieces may land.
  5. T

    The Difference Between Knowing and Seeing

    The man, across the ravine, plays games with his guitar, and teaches it to sing. In the stark yellow-May-light, I heard him cry a mellow sea song. A sad eyed creature- a she, they say, smiles at my siblings, answers the door, yet her ghost-like soul is always miles and miles away. Does her...
  6. T


    He is sunshine, in the sycamore, yellow paint, April day way. When he walks, his features blur like unformed clay, wind, or the waves when they sing. But it never draws attention, quiet, perpetually smiling, warm warm. . . Sweet maple syrup, Christmas, and clementines all combined. Rain in...
  7. musichal


    deleted, see blog
  8. musichal


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  9. musichal


    deleted, see blog
  10. T

    Mindweaver Verse I

    They built me a fire And I lay in it The heat burned my fear But I was none the warmer They bound me with ropes And tried to drown me The water smothered my doubts But my breath felt no bindings They blinded me with scenes Of hate and death I could no longer see their lies Only...